Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Nostalgic Day...ramblings of the middle aged.

Hello & good morning...Just sipping on my morning coffee...thought I would share some more photos of the stuff I have collected over the years. This is the spare bedroom in our new apartment...we moved in here during the month of November...I mind is rather rusty! I picked up this cabinet over the summer...I am told by my husband & father that I paid way to much for was a real wreck when I brought it home...but I could see a jewel in the making. Needless to say my hubby & my father ate their words when they saw what I did with it. Its a pie safe cuboard from an old home in Saskatchewan & I just love it! I have filled it with my vintage collectibles & yes....more of the books I was going to cut up & use in my artwork...but, as time passes I am becoming more & more attached to them...These books bring me such joy! I look in them & see the scibbles & notations of children long grown up. I am such a nostalgic fool! I miss those days...I can remember roaming the back fields of home...thickets that look small today...but were giant forests back then. We built forts & ran dusty trails, chased by boys who tormented us with dead gophers caught in their traps. I was a bit of a tomboy...stealing puppies from neighbors & disappearing for hours on end till my parents sent out a search party. I remember so many things...summers at the lake, poison Ivy. My dad teaching me to ride my new bike in the vacant lot next door. Sunburns & roasted how time flys....
Have a nostaslgic day! warmly, Susan

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