Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ugly Cat Rug

Thought I would show you some photos of the hooked rug that I designed while attending the Prairie Harvest Rug Hooking School which took place in September...I just pulled the last loop this week & have to say that I am pleased with how it turned out. It is a 24 inch by 19 inch mat & was hooked with hand-cut strips of as is wool & hand-dyed wool. I prefer hand-cutting my strips as it gives my rugs that old worn look. Last but not least, I bound the rug with rusty red wool strips...


The design of the cat changed a bit...in the beginning he didn't have a back leg, just a tail & his paws looked more like fingers...I pulled out quite a few strips & redid these areas so that I could give him a back leg & larger less finger-like front paws.


Over all I am happy with how this rug turned out but I would really welcome your thoughts & critiques.

I have been nursing a cold & rug hooking is such a warm cozy activity to do when you are feeling out of sorts...I find the repetition & the feel of the wool very comforting...just perfect for those down & out days.


During the summer my husband & I booked a cruise & tomorrow we are leaving to fly down to Miami to meet up with my brother & his family...from there we are all boarding a biggg boat which will make its way down to Jamaica with stops in Mexico & Belize. My husband especially needs this trip as it will give him some time to recover from his dad's passing...a chance to unwind & get his smile back. I will have lots of pics & adventures to share with you upon our return.
Till then...


The French Bear said...

The rug is gorgeous!!! I just love the whole rug hooking experience, it looks so neat.
I am so glad you are taking time and going on a holiday!!! It will be so nice to relax in the sun!
When do you move or have you?
I will happy to see pictures when you come back!!!
Margaret B

WoolenSails said...

I love your rug, love the subject, the colors and your hooking is wonderful. I like the way you did the kitty, sometimes reverse hooking is good to fix things we don't like.

I sure hope you feel better and enjoy your cruise.
Sounds like fun and a good getaway.


Cheryl said...

I LOVE the cat rug--beautiful work. I hope the cruise is restorative for all of you.

Melissa said...

It is interesting to hear you talk about all the work that went into this rug. I think a lot of folks misunderstand primitives and think they are easy because of their genre. Not true!

Theresa said...

Have fun on your trip and I love the wool hooked kitty rug. I think you did a fantastic job!!!


Diane said...

I'm a new follower to your blog and I think I've commented once or twice before. I love your ugly cat rug. The colors are gorgeous, I always admire people who can do this. Have a wonderful day.

rockriverstitches said...

Love your rug!! It's perfectly prim!! And I love all your cute pin keeps!


Heather said...

Oh wow... this rug is a lot of fun, I LOVE the colors you used!!!

Arbutus Hunter said...

Your work is sooooo beautiful. I am completely crazy for antique hooked rugs! Thanks for sharing and hope to see more from you soon!

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