Monday, May 2, 2011

Adaptation of French Canadian Hooked Rug

Hey strangers...been a while since I have posted...thought I better get in here before you all think I have gone for good.
Life has kept us busy with a vacation to Sedona and Tucson which turned out wonderful...those big red rocks, canyons and chasms always manage to enthrall us and after enduring our long dreary Canadian skies and sunshine were badly needed and much appreciated. 
On returning home we continue to have a good number of people popping by to view our condo (it has been up for sale for a while now) plus we are still having an open house every weekend. We have had some luck in this department but I am leery of sharing any news until all matters have been officially looked after and conditions have been met. So my friends and future wee furry will have to wait a while longer...sorry, I am just not able to get into my studio to create. I did however manage to complete another hooked rug as this is the only pastime I can clean up and put away in a hurry. It is an adaptation of a late 18th to early 19th century French Canadian hooked rug that is housed in the Mussee des Maitres et Artisans du Quebec 

You can adapt many of the historical/antique rugs in this booklet as they are old enough to be in the public domain. You can order this booklet from the Craft Journal.

Hooked Rugs : Tapis crochetés

This booklet is full of inspiration as well as articles about well known rug hookers such as Doris Eaton, Deanne Fitzpatrick and others.
Below is a photo of the original pattern which was adapted for my own use. I tried to hook a similar background but failed to succeed. I just decided to loosen up, have some fun and just hook intuitively...each strip being hooked by feel without any planning...definitely my preferred way to work.
I did email the Craft Journal and the Museum to get information regarding this rug and to ask if this rug was in the public domain. They graciously replied right away so if you have any questions I am sure they would be more then happy to assist you.

I love the naive way in which the three white rodents & cat are depicted in the original pattern, no ears on the mice and no real nose to speak of on the those round unrealistic eyes just add to it's Primitive personality.

As for other news...I want to thank everyone who sent their congrats to me about being published in the Spring issue of Prims...much appreciated...your kind comments make my heart sing!!!

I was also much aggrieved to hear of the passing of some dearly beloved pets that have been spotlighted numerous times on a couple of my favorite heart goes out to you & and please know you are in my thoughts.

My friends I hope you are enjoying the reemergence of spring...lets hope the sun keeps shining and that the bluebird of happiness will alight on our side of the fence.
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