Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Show & Tell Treasures & Projects

I hit the mother-lode...a rug hooker's dream!!!
Feeling down & out yesterday I decided to do what cheers me up most...SHOP! 
But not any kind of shopping...treasure hunting. Decided to pay a visit to Mr. McGowan's antique's a teeny tiny place where you have to look carefully, scrounge, get dusty, peek behind things & generally be nosy...I happened upon his glass cabinet of curiosities & started digging around...saw an intriguing looking basket & pulled it out. I near fainted from excitement...inside was a hoard of antique to vintage rug hooks of every size & description...from fairly recent to my favorite...the truly primitive ones wrought by hand & nature.

Some examples were carved from wood, one from bone, another from forged metal. Initials can be seen on a couple of them...the stories they could tell.

It was an older woman who brought them in to Mr. McGowan. I wish I could have met her, heard her memories of how she came by each one. Whoever you are,thank-you! You have made this rug hooker very happy! Usually I would be lucky to find a couple of oldish hooks a find a whole basket full of highly unusual ones is a gift. I am pleased that I found them & could give them a home where they will be appreciated.

Lets not forget the's rich color & patina...the fabric worn soft from years of use. I am not sure what type of basket it is, but it is beautiful in it's imperfections...a cozy nesting place for a truly one of a kind collection.
 After I went to the antique shop I went rummaging in the local thrift store...I found four wool coats in four delicious shades...chartreuse, raspberry red, taupe & a wonderful chocolate brown...I want to use them to create a penny rug.  
I spent the morning stripping the rug hookers...always busy hooking & a stripping...
  I'm a work while you wear your flannel PJ's kinda gal...
All the coats are have been stripped, now I want to marry them in a big old pot on the stove...get the colors to bleed a bit so that each piece of wool will have a little of every color in it...makes for a cohesive look in your project. I saved the lining from the chartreuse jacket...just to pretty to throw out...
I have almost completed another antique reproduction of a French Canadian rug...very primitive & rustic with loads of character...can't wait to show it to you...soon!
I haven't made much in the critter department...just not in the mood...& I definitely have to be in the mood to create them, becuase if I don't they end up looking like crapola...& nobody like crapola...right? I am hoping to be back in the studio soon. 

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Till next time...have a mice day!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Hello my friends...I am sure alot of you are by now eating that box of decadent chocolates, smelling sweet scented roses or getting love notes from that special someone...
Happy Valentines Day to you all!
Notes & News
On the creative front...I have decided to take a break from my studio...again...due to our house being on the market. Spring is nearly here and with spring comes a deluge of folks looking for a new home. Hopefully during this time we will find that special couple or person who will love our home and want to make it their own. We have had our apartment on the market for more then a year and a half and we hope that this year will bring a much anticipated move to the West Coast of Canada not far from Vancouver. We plan on madly marketing our home by having an Open House once a week for a few weeks & this is why I am taking a much mess to clean up. I will satisfy my creative energy for the time being with my rug hooking which is far easier to manage.
I will keep posting of course & instead will bring you news of other things.
Cheerio & have a marvelous day!
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