Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Art Crawl 2016

This past weekend the Sunshine Coast where I live put on it's annual Art is a wonderful event where you can tour up and down our coast and visit over a 140 local artist's studios, group shows and galleries. There's a funny saying around these parts that there must be something in the water here that makes people highly we have one of the highest populations of artists and crafts people in Canada. 
It was also a milestone weekend for me as this weekend was the first time ever that I have shown my Mouse Droppings art in a public place...and I have been creating my little characters for almost 14 years(has it been that long...WOW). 
My art probably would have stayed out of public view had it not been for Lynn(thanks Lynn), our local rug hooking teacher who kicked my butt and told me to get my *#%$@*! out there and show my stuff!

A lot of folks got pretty emotional while looking at my critters and hooked rugs...they sparked a lot of conversations about the past, even a few teary eyes as they remembered the good old days...but best of all as I huddled behind my rug hooking frame I could watch folks turn the corner and see my work for the first time...they stood there and their faces lite up with these huge grins...they would walk a little closer and soak in the details...picking them up,turning them around. It really made my heart swell and it really brought home that this is why I've been making these things for so long...simply...they make people happy!  
I do have to mention that I didn't have anything available for purchase...I decided to have a show and tell instead and I admit that I did this because I was really nervous of how folks would react to my work up here. I'm a hermit, and coming out the creative closet into a public space was a B I G deal for me, limiting my exposure by having less to see was my way of coping with a situation that made me feel uncomfortable.

Well I am pretty damn good at working myself into a nervous tizzy and I obviously completely misjudged folks and by the end of the week-end I was glowing and proud!   

and then I realized know don't need people's are already a good and worthy strong, be proud, have faith in yourself and your abilities and good things will happen.
Thank you to everyone who came out to see me this week-end...and thanks everyone for your patience with this very L O N G post.

"Sometimes its the small things that take up the most room in your heart."
Winnie the Pooh

Cheerios, Susan

PS...sorry for the low quality cell phone photos
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