Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Home renos continued...

 This month we installed a back-splash behind our kitchen counters. This is a before shot.
 Jasper is the foreman of this construction site...
  Type of rock tiles we used...I like natural rustic and rough finishes. These tiles were fairly straight forward to install as you don't need to grout them. You apply tile adhesive to the wall and to the back of the tiles...then press and push the tiles onto the walls. The most tedious part for Dino was cutting them to fit around the electrical outlets...he did a wonderful job!!!
 We used Off White Quartzite...lovely warm/cool colors to this type of rock...it also has a bit of sparkle.
I wanted to add a cool white tile to go with the white farm sink and to add some contrast to an otherwise warm toned kitchen and paint scheme.
 My man at work...measure twice...cut once.
Me above buttering up the tiles with adhesive.
Adhesive added to back of tile.
Tile adhesive we used.
 I just finished making the chalkboard with Dino's help...and I just ordered some easy erase chalkboard pens...the nice thing about them is that they don't smudge and make a mess like real chalk...I can't wait to start doodling. I will take some new photos of the completed kitchen soon.

In the meatime we are gutting two bathrooms and renovating my studio which didn't get done when we moved in 1 1/2 years ago. We can see the light at the end of tunnel now and our home renos are almost complete. 

I am sorry I don't have any new pieces of art to share with you...I have been a busy gal! Hopefully I can take a day here and there to create something...but at this time I can't make any promises,


Friday, January 18, 2013

Fuzzy Walnuts and a Thank-you

Jasper wants to say Thank-you for all the get well wishes you sent him...he was tickled to hear from all of you! He sure had us worried but now we can breath a sigh of relief and get back to our daily ritual of long walks in the park and chasing balls in the yard.

Our Jasper is also a growing boy and this little boy is having way to much fun with his stuffed squirrel(((if ya know what I mean))). He is also starting to wander off, is getting territorial and is starting to bark at every little thing. At seven months old it is time to get him neutered. Sorry Jasper...you have the cutest wee fuzzy walnuts...but those little fuzzy walnuts have to go.

Again I thank all of you for your lovely comments regarding Jasper...he can be such a little booger sometimes...but man I love this little guy!!!

Furbaby Mommy

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jasper and the Compost Pile

The above photo was taken shortly after Jasper's arrival...he was a whopping three pounds when we got him. Needless to say we have completely fallen in love. He makes us laugh and laugh and unfortunately he makes us cry to...which is part and parcel of being a fur-baby parent. 
He now weighs a hefty 9 pounds LOL...and probably won't get much bigger. Unfortunately he lost some of that weight this past week when he decided to make a buffet dinner out of our compost pile. 

To make a long story short he poisoned himself and the ensuing Xrays showed a mysterious object lodged in his stomach. Thank goodness it was of an organic nature otherwise he would have needed surgery. 
After multiple visits to the vets (((thank God for pet insurance))) which included an overnight stay and lots of (((NOooo not another thermometer up my butt)))numerous pokes, prods, IV's, nausea shots and the like, I am happy to say he has turned the corner and is making a slow recovery. What a nightmare though...a whole week of puppy puking and diarrhea...I felt so sorry for him...I cried my eyes out numerous times thinking the worst was going to happen, but it didn't and now he is getting even more warm blankies to curl up in. 
A note to all you fur-baby parents...please, please make sure your compost piles are cleaned up and have some kind of barrier around them. Ours is in a container but a squirrel tunneled under it and managed to spread compost all over the place...this is what Little Jasper got into and managed to eat. I was told by the vet that molds are very toxic to dogs so please keep a close eye on your pup when he is outside as it only takes a second for them to get into trouble.

Susan...Furbaby Mommy
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