Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Show & Tell

Lone Star Crow
Hooked with Lopi Super Chunky Icelandic Wool Yarn 
Height 22" x Width 21.5" 
Designed by Susan Pilotto 2010
My inspiration for creating this rug comes from the Cowichan Sweaters that are created by the Coast Salish People who reside on Vancouver Island in Canada. Cowichan Sweater History
I traced around one of my metal barn stars to get the star pattern onto the linen backing...then I printed out a very small crow & used my projector to get it onto a large paper sheet I had taped to the wall...I then transferred the crow pattern to red dot paper & from there onto my linen backing...I also wanted to add more visual interest so I hooked random shapes around the star & whip stitched the edges in varying colors of the same Lopi yarn...Was supposed to end up as a pillow but it turned out a tad to big for that purpose.

My latest find...I could not resist purchasing this Victorian Era metal cradle from one of our local antique shows...I love the well worn little cushion & mattress someone made so long ago...I think it needs a well worn bear to sit on it...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Penny Feather Tree PFATT EBay Auction
Click link above to go to the auction page

Ya all come by & check out the Penny Feather Tree Charity Auction. Read all about in on the PFATT Blog.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ohhh Edward...you look so hot in that sweater

Ohhh Edward...You look so hot in that sweater!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hope in our Hearts Doll

A couple of weeks ago my TDIPT sister Patty of "Dogpatch Primitives" held an EBay charity auction to raise money for the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah...I felt very strongly that I would like to help this charity, so I bid on Patty's doll hoping that the bids would escalate & that a sizable donation could be raised...it didn't happen...I won the doll...which I couldn't be more happy about as I have coveted Patty's creations forever...& I know how much work & love she puts into all of her art...Bittersweet was how I felt...EBay just isn't what it use to be when you could count on having a lot of people pay attention to your auctions & the subsequent bidding was fast & furious...not anymore...not with this economy...
After all was said & done...the auction was over & about a week had gone by...I felt terrible...sad...Winning this beautiful doll & being able to help this charity didn't turn out the way I had hoped...& I knew Patty was struggling with the same feelings...to me, it felt more like a grab then like giving...so I thought...& thought some more...& came to the conclusion that I had to do something...so I sent Patty an additional donation...now I can look at my doll with warmth in my heart & a smile on my face...knowing that in the wide circle of life...things have been made a bit better...Patty is happy...but most of all...the animals at the santuary will have a little extra to see them by...maybe one of those dogs that nobody wanted will be trained to sniff out victims in the rubble of Haiti...
Please go to Patty's blog...she has written a wonderful post about why she chose to create this doll to raise donations for the Best Friends Animal Santuary...read all about her hopes & wishes for the People of Haiti...
Please support charity auctions...
Warmly, Susan

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