Monday, January 31, 2011

My TDIPT Mercantile Offering for Tonight

I have been adopted...thank-you!

"L is for Love" Pin-Keep
Above is my last Valentines Day design of 2011. 
This teeny tiny mouse perched on his tattered & torn hearts will be available for adoption at 9 pm Eastern time on my TDIPT Mercantile page.
Also...apologies to anyone I may have offended regarding my Guinea Pig post below...I should know better. My weird sense of humor can get the best of me sometimes.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

TDIPT Mercantile Offering...News & Views

Its a grumpy day here in the Pilotto least it is for me...sorry...I seem to be suffering from the dreaded seasonal whatever ya wanna call it disorder. I've had enough of winter...really...honestly! Can you believe it, it was -40 here this morning with the windchill. Absolutely ridiculously cold!!! Sorry for griping...I had to get that outta my system.
In other news my hubby was wayyy down in Peru on business & just arrived home yesterday feeling tired & need I say...a little on the off side. While down there he was offered one of the local delicacies called "Cuy" Cuy Ravioli...& in English that would be Guinea Pig Ravioli. Seems the Guinea Pig is taking revenge, Montezuma's Revenge that is...Rule of the day...DON'T EAT CUTE SMALL FURRY THINGS! I am pleased my hubby is home safe & sound...although a little green around the gills...hopefully he will have more respect for the local wildlife next time he goes down there. 
Up above is a Sneaky Peaky Pic of my last Valentines Day creation for this will be up for adoption tomorrow night on the TDIPT Mercantile Website. I hope you can come by to check out all the wonderful artwork that will be available for your perusal. Listings start at 9 pm Eastern time. 
I hope you have a better day then I am...being grumpy & all.
Not so cheery,

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Silly Sunday Sale - Up for adoption

All I want for Valentines Day are...Hugs and Kisses.

I have been adopted...many thanks!
Sugar sweet & such a treat...

to have a wee friend so small & neat...
& what better way to celebrate Valentines Day...

 then to have a wee friend arrive at your house...
who could resist...such a sweet little mouse...
Mouse - Wool felt, paint, glass bead eyes, black glass bead buttons, chenille stem feet,suede tail.
Pincushion - hand-dyed wool felt, Perle cotton thread, pins, hat pin with wool felt hand stitched heart on top. " Be Mine" paper tag pinned to the back of pincushion.
Pincushion Base - Painted & aged wooden spool wrapped with Perle cotton thread, aged seam binding ribbon.
Interested International buyers - shipping costs to be paid after purchase.
PayPal Only please
Email Me to Purchase

This is not a toy & is intended for the adult collector only! 

I hope you enjoyed your visit & if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me...I would love to hear from you!

My next & last Valentines themed listing will take place the evening of January 31st on the TDIPT Mercantile website...hope you can come by & take a look...there is sure to be something for everyone.

Have a Mouse Day

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sunday's Sneak & veiws.

Good Wednesday my friends...I have been spending the day tinkering around in my studio...had a brain storm which I couldn't ignore...gotta love those creative storms when they happen. This one included the use of some luscious red embroidery thread, some soft Grey linen & one of my favorite cross stitch monogram books...not gonna tell ya what I'm making though...saving that surprise for another day!

I have been doing a lot of early spring cleaning...went through every nook & cranny in my rid of stuff I haven't used, gave stuff to the thrift store....I can be such a knuckle head...I will probably end up going back to the same thrift store & not some of my stuff back...get it home...& look at it & say....GEEZ...this looks awfully familiar. Why is it that artist's tend to be...well...hoarders...we go to the store...pick random things off the shelf & say, ohhhh I might need that some day....ohhhh these may be the last ones left...better grab them while I can....ohhhh I might want to try that one day...better buy the book, the DVD, & all the supplies you MIGHT need & then it sits there for months growing cobwebs & breeding dust bunnies...Like how many project books does a gal need. Other then my cleaning spree I am still busy working on my Valentines themed characters. I am definitely not use to working with such girly colors...I am a Tom Boy at heart...but I have to say I am tickled PINK at how they are turning out.

Speaking of Valentines...above is a Sneak Peek at this weekends offering which will be available for adoption on Sunday evening at 7pm eastern time. I was so excited last Sunday...I was nervous & had a bad case of butterfly's in my stomach. It was the first time I had ever offered one of my characters for sale on my blog & I was overwhelmed by all the folks who took the time to come by & have a look. My gratitude & appreciation go out to all of you...thank-you! for making my first blog sale so special for me!
Cheerio & have a mouse day!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Up For Adoption Valentines Rabbit

I have been adopted...many thanks!
 Mr. Lonely Heart...a sweet little Valentines Rabbit.

Mr. Lonely Heart told me to tell you that he would really like to give his heart to someone special...perhaps that special someone is out there...somewhere.

Could it be you?

Mr. Lonely Heart is a One of Kind wool felt Valentines Day Rabbit. He is partially painted & has black glass bead eyes, needle felted sheep's wool tail & chenille stem feet. I have embellished his wee fuzzy coat with a row of teeny tiny bead buttons. He holds in his paws a bouquet of flowers and a hand stitched wool heart. You can remove the flowers as they are not permanently attached. I have perched him on a pin-cushion made from hand dyed wool felt & cross stitch linen. The top of the cushion has been embellished with a tiny cross stitched heart & a banner which reads, "Be Mine". Numerous white glass headed stick pins have been placed here & there for your use. Under the bottom cushion is a wool felt hand-stitched penny circle with an antique abalone shell button in it's center. 

Mr. Lonely Heart is 8" inches tall from the tips of his ears to the bottom pin-cushion. He will arrive snug in his wrapping with a hand signed & dated certificate of authenticity for your records.

PayPal only
 Email me to purchase 
 Click email me button on top right

Payment & shipping Information - After contacting me with your intent to purchase I will immediately send you a PayPal money invoice. After you have paid your invoice I will then ship you your item within a couple of days.

Mr. Lonely Heart is not a toy but is intended for the adult collector only!

Thanks for coming by & have a lovely evening!

Reminder - New Valentines Rabbit up for Adoption tonight

Valentines Day Rabbit up for adoption tonight here on my blog at 7 pm Eastern time
Come on by for a visit.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

"The Stocking was Hung" Primitive Style Rug

Hey Strangers...A Very Happy New Year to you all...
I've been home for a while now...been hunkering down & hibernating. The holidays always play me out...meeting & greeting all those folks at Christmas, traveling, cooking etc just takes the wind out of my sails by holidays end... what do I have to show for it all...five extra pounds...all those Christmas cookies were good...& that Eggnog Latte everyday sure did tickle my tummy...the hazards of over indulgence...back to the gym for me & back to reality. Been busy in my studio designing some One of a kind Valentine's pieces...think PINK...I hope to share them with you soon. 
One last thing...thought I would share my latest completed rug with you. It's another Lori Brechlin of "Notforgotten Farm" pattern called, "The Stocking was Hung" if you are interested in hooking one yourself you can order the pattern from Spruce Ridge Studio, they have a wonderful selection of Lori's Primitive patterns to peruse. It's "17x33" inches on a linen backing. All the wool strips were hand cut with a rotary cutter on a green quilter's mat. I found this to be a challenging rug to hook...especially the doll's face & hair...decided to use a mixed media approach with the addition of antique metal button eyes, stitched wool strip mouth & knotted wool yarn hair. I didn't stop there & also embellished the rug with an antique skeleton key & a rusty bell on the tip of the stocking toe. The rug looks a little washed out as it was a cloudy day when I took photos of it. I really wanted to turn the penny circles & half circles into little works of art that could stand on their own...each strip was placed with a lot of thought & brain definitely got a work out by the time this rug was done. I love how it turned out...I know it's not everyone's cup of tea...but it really does put a smile on my face. 
Chow for now...
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