Sunday, May 30, 2010

I thought I would tell you about my Girlfriend trip that I am taking with my cousin Laura...a while ago she invited me to the "Farm Chicks" show that is held every year in Spokane Washington...I happily said yes...then she informed me that we had to buy tickets to the join this group "Come Junk With Us"...I happily said yes. Now I live way up in Saskatoon smack dab in the middle of Saskatchewan, Canada. From here I have to drive way down to Coledale Alberta to Laura's place, then way down & to the right to Spokane. Thank God for the three C's of long distance driving...Caffeine, Cruise Control & Air Conditioning. Now as a typical women will do...I got to thinking...what the heck am I gonna wear? I am not a fashionista but I do like my bits & bobs. So I looked up at my muses who sit on my studio shelf...various mice & rabbits...then the light bulb went off, I made this...
Soooo...if you my fellow bloggers are planning on attending the Farm Chick's Show...I would love to meet you...just look for the rather quirky brunette (a little on the pudgy side) with all her wee fuzzies hanging from her neck...that will be me. I made a rabbit necklace as well so I will be easy to pick out of the crowd. I am looking really forward to this trip & the chance to meet so many interesting folks. I plan on treasure hunting for bases I can place my critters on...will take lots of pics to share with you later. Till then...
Forgot to mention my Cousin Laura has a blog called "All About Pretty"...make sure you pop by to read all about her "Vintage Chicks" show that will take place in Priddis, Alberta, Canada a week after the Farm Chicks will be filled with reloved, restyled vintage treasures & lovely art beautifully presented by a number of vendors. Cheerio

Thursday, May 27, 2010

News & Veiws

Just sitting here in front of my puter...pondering...thinking...and wanting to thank everyone who has sent me words of encouragement & care.
A family member recently had a cancer scare which resulted in much worry & anxiety...after additional biopsy's the doctor has given us an all clear & we now have reason to celebrate! 
Needless to say I haven't been very productive in the art department lately & will probably take the summer off from listing any pieces. I know if I force myself to create my art will suffer & my heart will not be in my work...& that is so very important to me...that each person receives a piece that is filled with joy & represents all that I love. I would be lying if I didn't tell you how disappointed I am at this time...I so wanted to be productive & give my best to you...the only thing I enjoy doing right now is my rug hooking as it brings me comfort in repetition and quiet moments. 
My goal this summer is to do some soul work, get my health back on track & come back in the fall good as new with lots to share & new designs to tickle your fancy.
I will continue posting on my blog through out the summer but just not as often...I am going on a girlfriend trip shortly & then will head up to our little cabin to spend time with family. 
I leave you with a little quote

"Things do not always go according to plan evokes the archetype of synchronicity, which reveals itself in a felt meaningful coincidence. To say yes to this given is to trust that the universe has a plan for us and that things are unfolding in this life just in time for us to grow into the beings we were meant to be"
David Richo

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just a little note...I've been sent a few curve balls lately so I have decided to take some me-time, family-time,
Hugs Susan

Saturday, May 1, 2010

PFATT Spring Giveaway

  Come on by to enter our PFATT  Spring Giveaway.

Here is your chance to sign up for some adorable art from some of the talented artists of PFATT!
Happy Spring to you all!

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