Monday, September 26, 2016


Over a year ago I ordered some paper-clay to play sat in my closet until I got the urge to do something with it.
I tell was like I was a kid again...
I loved it! I felt excited...rejuvenated!  
As artists we get into creative ruts...the secret was to just let and go with the flow...

Happy :)

Friday, September 16, 2016

Harvest Moon

There is a chill in the air and the leaves have begun to many times has that been written...kind of a corny much used sentence opener...but it's the truth non the less.
Fall Fairs are gearing up, farmer's markets are full to the brim with country produce...pumpkins and squash, crisp apples, sugar sweet plums... 
Tonight is a Harvest Moon...a full moon to help us celebrate the season...and if you are lucky...and you are out and may glimpse the silhouettes of bats...flitting about.
And maybe, just maybe, you will see something else...a practice flight before the big night!

Enjoy our Harvest Moon

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