Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Etsy Sale Change of Date

Hi Folks just wanted to let you know that I have to postpone my Christmas/Winter Etsy has been busy and I haven't been able to create as many pieces as I would like...and rather then rush through and create pieces in a hurry(((which I don't like to do)))I am instead going to have a sale early in the new year. I do apologize for this and hope that you will understand.
What have I been doing...I joined a wonderful Needlework group, I took a Rock Sculpture Class, a Coast Salish Berry Basket Weaving Class and I ordered a new super duper rug hooking frame and am excited about the possibility of joining a newly formed
 Rug Hooking Group. 
Stay Creative...Think Positive...Learn New Things

I will be posting photos of new pieces as I work on them...see you in the New Year

PS - Happy Thanks Giving to all my friends south
 of the Canadian border.

Warm Winter Wishes

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Winter Wonderland

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening,
In the lane, snow is glistening
A beautiful sight,
We're happy tonight.
Walking in a winter wonderland.

 Gone away is the bluebird,
Here to stay is a new bird
He sings a love song,
As we go along,
Walking in a winter wonderland.

In the meadow we can build a snowman,
Then pretend that he is Parson Brown

He'll say: Are you married?
We'll say: No man,
But you can do the job
When you're in town.

Later on, we'll conspire,
As we dream by the fire
To face unafraid,
The plans that we've made,
Walking in a winter wonderland.


In the meadow we can build a snowman,
And pretend that he's a circus clown
We'll have lots of fun with mister snowman,
Until the other kids knock him down.

When it snows, ain't it thrilling,
Though your nose gets a chilling
We'll frolic and play, the Eskimo way,
Walking in a winter wonderland.

Busy creating some Winter magic...see you in December.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Boo Boo

This little guy has been keeping me on my toes lately and I have been busy trying to keep him on his toes. 
We were playing on the beach about 6 months ago when I saw his knee go out for the first time and ever since then he has been having problems...turns out that both of Jasper's legs have 
Luxated Patellas which is to say that his kneecaps are out of alignment and his ligaments are not tight enough to hold the kneecaps in place. To make a long story short it was decided that he would visit the specialist veterinary hospital to get both of his legs fixed.
 Now I have visions of Jasper running down the beach happy and full of life, carefree and content! It will be a bit of journey to get him to that point as he is not allowed any strenuous activity for the next few months...this should prove interesting as he is a veritable speed hound whose favorite activity is to run circles around you and anything else in his path.
 Little Jasper has been a real trooper though and is healing fast and I am sure in no time he will be back to his usual happy-go-lucky self. 

Sweet doggy dreams of sandy sunny beaches...

Saturday, November 2, 2013

My First Studio Visit

I gave my first ever studio tour and talk in the middle of October...I played host to a group of mixed media needle-workers who live here on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. I have to admit that I was a little nervous at first, but I soon overcame this as these women made me feel so comfortable and at ease.
Their visit took place close to Halloween so I decided to create bats in every stage of development...I sewed and sewed and finally I had a group that I could work with and talk about...bat parts, unpainted bats, finished bats, bats of all shapes and sizes.
I talked about what inspires me to create my art... below is one of the group members perusing my collection of 100 year old Beatrix Potter children's books. I also talked about how I got started and how long I've been creating my characters.
I had examples of my pieces sitting in my studio and throughout my home...books were piled here and there...books that have helped me grow as an artist. Techniques, supplies used, bits and bobs of information that I thought would be interesting and helpful.
We had so much fun and I felt so honored that these women would want to spend an afternoon hearing me chat about my work...
And last but not least...I couldn't let this lovely bunch go home without first treating them to some Pumpkin Pie and Mulled Apple Cider...a perfect finish to a perfect day!

Thank-you ladies for coming to my home, thank-you for inviting me to join your group...I happily accept and am looking forward to our monthly meetings and the opportunity to learn and grow together! 
 & a big thank-you to Robyn :) for taking photos.

PS - I am busy, busy working on a group of Christmas and winter inspired pieces...progress photos to come soon.

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