Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Merry Ho Ho...My November 1st TDIPT Offerings

Adopted Thank-you
Santa's making a list & checking it twice...
gonna find out who wants some mice...
But don't forget rabbits...cause rabbits is nice.

Rabbits & huggably nice...
Lil pot belly's...Lil wee feet.
To have one to hold is always a treat.
Cause I like rabbits & mice!
Cause I like rabbits & mice!

Hello my fellow friends...just wanted to introduce you to three little Christmas characters that will be made available for adoption starting the evening of October 31st on my TDIPT Mercantile page...

Adopted Thank-You

Adopted Thank-You
Don't forget...TDIPT is having their annual open house in November with chances to win some wonderful pieces created by our TDIPT'S artists. 
You can go to the TDIPT Blog for more information on this Open House celebration.

Have a Mice Day!
Warmly, Susan

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Almost Finished my Halloween Hooked Rug

Hello my Ghoulish Fiends...I mean friends...thought I would show you what I do when I am not busy making wee fuzzies. One of my favorite activities is sit quietly in the by my side, hook in hand, my rug set up in front of me. This is my magic hour, especially on those cold days when the wind & snow go howling past my window & I can sit cozy & warm and hook for an hour.
Spring, summer, sunshine & warm days have come & gone...once the weather changes & the leaves have fallen to the ground...this is my time to hunker down & begin my winter projects.
I started this piece at rug camp this year and am now in the process of figuring out how I want to finish the edges. I would like to do a braided border...probably about three rows...I think this would be a really nice look for this rug. I haven't attempted to do any rug braiding yet but am sure I can learn from my girlfriends book & DVD on this subject. The strips for this rug were all cut by hand with a rotary cutter on a mat...I used all sorts of different widths of cuts...never measuring but just incorporating what I thought would look best.  I love the look of strips cut this my eyes it gives the rug instant age and a bit of character. Primitive Folk Art style rugs are my passion & I don't think I would be happy hooking anything else. This rug was designed by Lori Brechlin of Notforgotten Farm...I adore her patterns & am actually in the process of completing one of her Christmas rugs. You can purchase this Bittersweet Pumpkin pattern from Spruce Ridge Studios.

Almost are welcome to visit the TDIPT Blog...there is a new posting about our November Open House & the special Give-Away we are hosting.
Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tdipt's Annual Christmas Open House

Just spreading the news...TDIPT Mercantile is having their annual Open House during the month of November.
In celebration numerous TDIPT Artists have donated works of art which will be placed in a draw.
1. Sign up on the TDIPT Mailing List..if you are already on the mailing list you are automatically entered into the drawing.
2. Make a purchase from the Marketplace this November. Each purchase classifies as an entry.
Drawing ends November will be notified that day.
TDIPT has chosen "A COLONIAL CHRISTMAS" for the theme in be sure to stop by & peruse all the old fashioned Colonial inspired art. 
Currently I am busy in my studio & hope to have three or more pieces for your perusal on November 1st. I will post photos & details shortly before the 1st.
Have a warm wonderful day!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Rug Hooking Camp Part Two

At our annual Hooking Retreat this year we put on a show of the Grain Elevator Rugs that will be touring Saskatchewan for the next three years...the first Gallery show will take place at the Regina Legislature Building. 
As we know our Grain Elevators are becoming a scarce fixture on the prairies because of neglect, fire or just being torn down to make room for the new concrete grain silos of the future. It is so heartbreaking to see such an important part of our farming history turn to it was decided that in memory of these landmarks we would put out a call to folks across Canada to hook a Grain Elevator Rug. Below you will find a small sampling of the rugs created for this show...I apologize for not listing the creator's name...I was madly dashing about trying to take pics before the hoards of hookers came to view them. If you would like to find out more about this traveling exhibit please go to our blog where you will be able to find a link to our group & any information you may need.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the much attention to detail...the amount of work put into each rug, the color planning, dying, cutting etc. it just overwhelms me when I think about it...& if you aren't a hooker...while...just enjoy them for what they are...incredible rugs that will serve as reminders of days gone by.
Cheerio, Susan

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