Sunday, July 18, 2010

On the Road Again

 Only been home for a couple weeks it seems & now I am packing my bags again. Hubs & I are going house hunting in Gibson's which is located on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Canada. 
Gibson's is a stunning coastal area that you can only get to by ferry from may have heard of the place as it is where that old TV series the "Beach Combers" was filmed for many years. Back then it was just a fishing & logging village...but now it is a hot spot for tourists & locals alike who seek quaint vistas, peace & quiet...time away from hub-bub of big city life.
See you back here in a couple of weeks...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's Magic

I just put the finishing touches on this rabbit yesterday...thought I would put him in the morning sun to warm him up...
It still amazes me how a bit of fabric & a little hard work can turn into something that has it's own personality...where does that come from?
I think...when you love what you do...the magic just happens...

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Little Old Church - Drumheller Part 2

The little church was standing, silent on the hill
It`s woodwork old & rotting, doors bang to at will
The old bell tower was cracking, the bell it had no rope
To call the folk to church with it you did not have a hope
The seats were broke & splintered, timber all mildew
Holes in Backs & bottoms, you could fall right through
The graveyard long deserted, the vicar slept within
Although in church his missing, it did not seem a sin
As I stood there just looking wondering what to do
A shaft of light shone over me, & seemed to pass right through
I felt a mighty presence, my soul it cried out loud
I knew the lord was kind to me & then my head I bowed
The moral of the story, though it`s crumbling like a clod
In this little old church, you are always close to God.
A. Ed Bollington
I came upon this little church in Dorothy on the final leg of my journey was perched on a hill over looking the remnants of an old brow-beaten town...tumbleweeds, sage & swallows. 
Click on the Dorothy link above to read all about this church & the pioneer ghost town it resides in. 
Gopher holes are treacherous...when taking photos...try to watch where your walking...or you`ll end up on your ass like I did...legs & arms sprawled all akimbo...holding my ankle...biting my lip trying not to was OK...that's a good thing!
Next post...we go to a wild west saloon.
Till then...

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Ragged Old House - Trip to Drumheller

As I passed by that ragged old house
the shingles all rotten & battered,
Most of the windows were still in their places
But some were all broken & shattered 
As I looked longingly at the old house
a tear formed in my eye,
No one lives there no more the old house is empty
& then I began to cry
The owners moved out a long time ago
& the old house is there all alone, 
The Grass is all dead the porch broken down
& the weeds, oh how they have grown
I walked to the porch then opened the door
it's hinges were old & rusty,
Some cobwebs were hanging up high on the walls
& the room was all dirty & dusty
The curtains were torn the pictures all crooked
the mattresses were old & rotten,
There were memories in this old house
Memories that were somehow forgotten.
This house that is ragged battered & worn
& its hinges all rusted & old,
 Belonged to my Grandpa & Grandma back then
This ragged old house I was told.
Author unkown to me
On my way back home to Saskatchewan(after my Farm Chick's trip)I took a detour to explore a small part of the Alberta Badlands...Drumheller & it's neighboring towns are located in a desert valley much like a miniature Grand Canyon.

This area is one of my favorite places, rich in aboriginal history...broken down mines...quaint little towns with tumbled down houses & false fronted stores...a place where dinosaurs & other prehistoric life lived millions of years ago...if your interest is in Fossils & natural history it is well worth your time to plan a visit to the Badlands.
This was a solo trip for me & I spent a blissful few days wandering up & down the valley...hiking the hills looking for abandoned homes to explore...I found more then one...& would like to share those pics with you as well...but that is another post for another day...This is part one of about 3 posts I will create on the Drumheller area...
Thanks for coming by & have a sunshiny Day!
Note ~ If you love Old Places I have a few older posts in my blog archive on this subject..

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Side By Each They Was

Business of bear making...
poked fingers...pondering personality
fur flying...scissors clipping...
pattern cutting...seam measuring...
 Practice, patience, reward...
Depending on where your are...good morning, good afternoon & good evening. Been a busy summer...lots of traveling, time spent with family, going to our cabin, bug swatting...lots of bug swatting...& rain...of biblical proportions...storm watches, twisters & tornadoes...holy humidity I want the sun to come out & stay out...want blue skies & butterflies...what the heck is happening to our weather. 
As you can see I have attempted to get back into my studio...the fur was flying for a few days while I created some bears from a couple of Vivianne Galli patterns. The odd Blue bear is my first try at using long mohair...was very challenging & I have to say I prefer creating critters with the shorter least until I am more experienced. 
I will be making more mice, rabbits & critters as summer moves on...but a slower summer pace as I just can`t be inside when its nice out...apartment living makes you appreciate those sunny days...gotta get out while the goings good!
Chow for now & have a sunshiny day!
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