Friday, July 9, 2010

The Ragged Old House - Trip to Drumheller

As I passed by that ragged old house
the shingles all rotten & battered,
Most of the windows were still in their places
But some were all broken & shattered 
As I looked longingly at the old house
a tear formed in my eye,
No one lives there no more the old house is empty
& then I began to cry
The owners moved out a long time ago
& the old house is there all alone, 
The Grass is all dead the porch broken down
& the weeds, oh how they have grown
I walked to the porch then opened the door
it's hinges were old & rusty,
Some cobwebs were hanging up high on the walls
& the room was all dirty & dusty
The curtains were torn the pictures all crooked
the mattresses were old & rotten,
There were memories in this old house
Memories that were somehow forgotten.
This house that is ragged battered & worn
& its hinges all rusted & old,
 Belonged to my Grandpa & Grandma back then
This ragged old house I was told.
Author unkown to me
On my way back home to Saskatchewan(after my Farm Chick's trip)I took a detour to explore a small part of the Alberta Badlands...Drumheller & it's neighboring towns are located in a desert valley much like a miniature Grand Canyon.

This area is one of my favorite places, rich in aboriginal history...broken down mines...quaint little towns with tumbled down houses & false fronted stores...a place where dinosaurs & other prehistoric life lived millions of years ago...if your interest is in Fossils & natural history it is well worth your time to plan a visit to the Badlands.
This was a solo trip for me & I spent a blissful few days wandering up & down the valley...hiking the hills looking for abandoned homes to explore...I found more then one...& would like to share those pics with you as well...but that is another post for another day...This is part one of about 3 posts I will create on the Drumheller area...
Thanks for coming by & have a sunshiny Day!
Note ~ If you love Old Places I have a few older posts in my blog archive on this subject..


Susan deGeneres said...

Hi Susan,
I LOVE your posts about the old houses; the photography and poetry are both so inspiring. I can't wait until you post parts 2 & 3.
Hugs from another Susan

Tina Eudora said...

Oh Susan I can hardly wait for the future posts!
I love visiting places like this and I have many times when I was much younger. Where I live there are a few old abandoned homes and it never fails to bring a tear to my eye.
Who lived there once, what did they dream their future would be? What happened to that family and of course I grieve for the house itself. I guess it's the hopes and memories it once housed that tugs at the heart....
Tina xo

softearthart said...

Oh how interesting, and what a lovely verse, cheers Marie

WoolenSails said...

What a wonderful area to visit and our photos are beautiful.


Anonymous said...
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GoldieLoo Woodworks said...

Beautiful photos & poetry Susan, cant wait to see more.I so enjoy it. Hugs~~Pam

BTW the post above mine, I have been getting them like crazy on my blog. So aggravating.

Cookie said...

what a wonderful post, I adore these pictures!

When we are on bike trips, my eye always wanders to the abondoned places along the road - and that is where my camera loves to linger.


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