Monday, July 12, 2010

The Little Old Church - Drumheller Part 2

The little church was standing, silent on the hill
It`s woodwork old & rotting, doors bang to at will
The old bell tower was cracking, the bell it had no rope
To call the folk to church with it you did not have a hope
The seats were broke & splintered, timber all mildew
Holes in Backs & bottoms, you could fall right through
The graveyard long deserted, the vicar slept within
Although in church his missing, it did not seem a sin
As I stood there just looking wondering what to do
A shaft of light shone over me, & seemed to pass right through
I felt a mighty presence, my soul it cried out loud
I knew the lord was kind to me & then my head I bowed
The moral of the story, though it`s crumbling like a clod
In this little old church, you are always close to God.
A. Ed Bollington
I came upon this little church in Dorothy on the final leg of my journey was perched on a hill over looking the remnants of an old brow-beaten town...tumbleweeds, sage & swallows. 
Click on the Dorothy link above to read all about this church & the pioneer ghost town it resides in. 
Gopher holes are treacherous...when taking photos...try to watch where your walking...or you`ll end up on your ass like I did...legs & arms sprawled all akimbo...holding my ankle...biting my lip trying not to was OK...that's a good thing!
Next post...we go to a wild west saloon.
Till then...


Nan ~ Threadwork Primitives said...

What a really cool journey you are having. Love the photos. These places may be old and falling down but they hold such beauty in my eye.
BTW... Thanks for the glue tip. I picked up some archival/acid free.

Tina Eudora said...

Susan that was beautiful and if I was a little younger I would pack up and head out and renovate that little church and move right in...:)
I love to take a place that is like that and repair, rebuild, repaint. I can't help it I have this defective gene...:)
Tina xo

The French Bear said...

Gorgeous photos, really you are such a great photographer...... I felt like I was there. Very surreal until the gopher hole part, he he..... you are so funny!!!!
It always amazes me that the buildings are still standing.....and at what point to they become abandoned?
Margaret B

Lana said...

Susan ~ the photos are wonderful and I love the poem. You must have had a great trip! :)

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