Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tootin my Horn

I want to share my excitement with you...I have an article in the Spring 2011 issue of Prims. It will be on news-stands April 1st, I do believe some folks have already received their copies if they ordered them by mail.
Thank-you Stampington!
Prim`s Magazine Link

Inside it you will find two new designs and a couple of oldies...all beautifully photographed, plus my article. I also want to congratulate all the others who were featured as well...more wonderful art by the talented folks of PFATT & TDIPT. I have yet to get my copy so I am sitting here patiently waiting for a phone call so I can go & pick up my copy.

I am looking forward to getting away for a couple of weeks...My hubby Dino, my brother Mike & I have rented a cabin in Sedona Arizona for a week, then we are off to Tucson for an addtional week...oh heavenly bliss...I love that area!!! Time to recharge our batteries, get away from this cold. When I come back I will have to give you a (what I did on my vacation report). I won't be able to answer emails or comments for the next while because when I am on vacation it also means a vacation from the computer.

We have been hosting an open house every weekend for some time now in hopes that we would get a few bites on our house which is up for sale...no luck yet...but it is early in the season & we remain hopeful that a move will happen this year. 

My apologies for not having listed any new pieces for you...life in my studio has been limited due to having so many open houses etc etc. My hope is to have new work available for your perusal when I return...till then.
Cheerio my friends

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Vintage Tapestry Couture

Ya know...we Canadians...in the depths of winter...when we are hunkered down wondering what to do with ourselves while the wind howls outside & we are freezing are...off.

We devise new & wonderful ways to stay warm...

I present to you...the Canadian Couture Vintage Tapestry Jacket

This latest in fashionable winter-ware is brought to you by Heather, a dear friend of mine who happens to be a collector of these Vintage rugs. She has about 30 of these things. Since space was running low in her house she decided to thin out her collection by using a few of them to create a jacket...and if I say so myself...I think it is stunning, fun, whimsical & a great way to recycle these tapestry's. She has made lovely box pleated book bags & plans on sewing up Moroccan style beanbags for the floor as well as doggy beds...with dog images on them of course. So next time you go to the thrift store don't overlook these rugs when you see one...put your thinking cap on...think outside the box & find ways to create your own Vintage tapestry project.
Note - I have washed these rugs in the washing machine on the gentle/hand-wash cycle with a little detergent...take out of washing machine & brush the nap in the direction the nap is going...use your fingers or a small brush to do this...hang to dry.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Week-end wool dyeing workshop

A couple of week-ends ago our Rug Hooking group got together to have a wool dyeing workshop. More experienced members were kind enough to teach us newbies how to create beautiful colored wool to hook into our rugs. Fun was had by all, mistakes were made & learned from...especially by me. Having about 14 hookers running madly around a kitchen with hot water & dye tends to create a bit of confusion...my mishap turned into a beautiful piece of rich reddish wool...perfect for fall leaves.

Above a dye solution is mixed to create a wandering pattern. Precise measurements, timing & a prepared work surface are important.

One color dye bath...

Second color dye solution...

Adding the second color dye solution...

Adding the third color dye solution...the wool must simmer for a certain time between each added color.

Above is a photo of dip dyeing...a process where you create multicolored swatches.

First you dye the wool one color(the gold)...then you create another dye bath with a contrasting color(the green)...then slowly dip your wool in & out of the dye bath. Practice is definably recommended.

Practice makes perfect.

Explaining various ways to achieve a mottled look in wool. Fabric swatches can be ordered from various dye companies to help you in your color planning.

Equipment is set out, techniques, rules & recipes are discussed.

A good example of what can be achieved when using the recipe for a spotted/mottled look in your wool.

Below is a set of three dye solutions used to create a spotted mottled look.

Wool must be laid out flat in the pan, crinkled, scrunched with even valleys & peaks.

Dye is then spooned on evenly.

A second color

A third color.

Finished adding the dyes.

Then you have to gently squish the wool to blend the colors a bit & to make sure there will be no white spots left in the wool.

Off to the oven to cook for a while. After heating the wool is ready to be rinsed & dried...ready to use in a new project.

A few gals try their hand at dyeing.

Recipes are looked up & swatches examined.

The results of our dyeing workshop.

Thanks so much to all for an enjoyable day...great food & great company!
Cheerio, Susan
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