Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lost Touch With Reality

I watched a program yesterday called Penny Revolution that really touched my made me realize that I have lost touch with how a vast majority of the people on this Earth live...I feel ashamed of how I take my way of living for granted...sometimes we just need a wake up call. One women in particular really touched me, she got a micro-loan of about $25.00 to start up a 2nd hand clothing business...she did really well, so well in fact that she was able to rebuild her old kitchen into the kitchen of her dreams...(this is what really got to me)...her dream kitchen consisted of moving her old kitchen, which happened to sit on top of a swamp, to the other side of her house which was on higher ground. The new kitchen was nothing but a 2X4 shack...she was sooo proud of her new kitchen...she pointed to the right & said with a huge smile...this is my new kitchen counter...a board attached to the wall with a round cut out to place a plastic basin in to wash dishes. She then walked over & proclaimed...I am so happy, this is my new cooking area....another small board with a 2 burner plug in portable stove...& last of all, we have space to sit & eat at our new kitchen table...a small plastic deck table...I didn't see any chairs but I did notice the dirt floor. My God... we are so spoiled. I truly felt humbled as I looked around at my new kitchen consists of a granite counter top, stainless steal appliances, a gas stove, custom cupboards & a tile floor...& yet it still isn't perfect...I want a tile back splash too...I have to do something...I told my husband..this is pathetic I exclaimed!!!
I live in the lap of luxury & it still isn't enough!!! I vowed then & there that Iwould do something about it...I want to give back...for all the things I am blessed enough to have in my life. I want to research working holidays...& I want to find some volunteer programs...but most of all I want to be more aware of my environment, & think more before I complain about more thankful, be more giving & compassionate.
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