Monday, November 29, 2010

Big Cry Baby...

I am having a Cry Baby no sale Monday...instead of a Cyber Monday Sale which is taking place today after the Big Sunday Christmas Sale which took place after the even bigger Saturday Big Blockbuster Christmas sale which was directly after the Humongous Black Friday Sale...........I am saled out, & am feeling instead....discontent, malcontent & just plain miserable...there...I said it.
. M. I . S. E. R . A . B . L . E. 
. G . R . U . M . P . Y . 
...just plain blaaaaa...
. s . o . r . r . y . 
i can't help myself
The sale of our home didn't happen
So now I have to endure more cleaning, more open houses, more disruption, more waiting.
. I .  A . M . F . E . D . U . P .
. P . E . R . I . O . D . 
 The folks from the states who so excitably said that they wanted to buy our house & everything in it have decided to wait till the new year...bah humbug!!!
What a let down...I was so excited & as usual I became too I am in the doldrums sitting in my studio & feeling just plain uninspired...trying to get things done...but instead I feel like I am just spinning my wheels and not making any progress. So I thought I would come in here & whine. I have to say it does help as there are an awful lot of online shoulders to cry on...right my friends?
Anyways...sorry to blunt your Christmas spirit with my griping...but unloading this junk will help me get back to business. I won't be listing anything on TDIPT December 1st because I have been so preoccupied with this dang house *#*%$!#*....opps...sorry!
I am however trying my bestest to become un-GRINCH like & I hope to have a new outlook & new creations for a New thinking of taking a wee break to do some Personal stuff, Christmas Stuff, Happy Stuff...just for me & my family.
I am sorry to have not replied to all of your comments the last few posts...being a grumpy bear, I just didn't have the gumption to put my mind to replying...I do love you all & I appreciate every one of you shining stars...

Thanks for listening...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turkey Time & a Good Giggle

 Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends down south...
May your day be cozy & warm & filled with the company of family & friends.

Thanks to everyone who sent me notes of care & concern while I was down with this nasty flu bug...hearing from all of you made my days brighter...the worst is over thank goodness & I am getting back into my creative groove & into the Christmas Spirit. 
Notes & News
The PFATT artist`s group is having a Giveaway starting December 1st & ends with names being drawn shortly after December 7th.
Go to the PFATT Blog December 1st to look at all the wonderful pieces that have been donated for this occasion.

 Last but not least I have given you a visual treat below...this clip has been circulating around our groups & I just had to share it with you...HUSBANDS BEWARE!
Click below to watch video clip...get ready for a good laugh!!!


Friday, November 12, 2010

When it pours...

Hello my friends...sorry I have been missing in action...lots happening on my home-front right now. As I have posted about before, we are in the middle of trying to sell our apartment so we can move back to the west coast of Canada...the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia to be exact. Anyways...we had a couple come through from another country earlier this week who not only fell in love with our place but who also decided that they want to purchase every stick of furniture, all of my nick naks, old books, benches, beds, bedding...EVERYTHING I have collected over the years...said they would be content if we just gave them the keys & walked out...even my studio wasn't off limits to their desires. Well we were both a little dumbfounded by this news...we have been struggling to sell our place for almost a year now & then THIS HAPPENS. Caught us off guard & was a little shocking to say the least. Soooo we spent yesterday making a list of things we could part with & things we couldn't...I know it's just stuff...but you don't know how much it means to you until you have to give it all away. It has become a Buddhist lesson in what its takes to let go of everything............I don't think I would make a good Buddhist....couldn't do it...had to keep a few things & hopefully this won't put a halt to the sale of our apartment. I wish it could have been simpler, but I believe it will become a bit drawn out. Such is life & at this juncture I will just be content to move out & get on with our please send us some good vibes that all will go smoothly & that we will be moved out by the new year.
On the other hand I obviously haven't been able to get any work done in my pieces sit in suspended animation till all this home sale business is I don't know what or if I will have any pieces available on TDIPT December 1st. I will keep you posted & hopefully things will have settled down enough for me to get back to work. Plus I am full of stitches from having a number of freckles & moles removed...& it is just to uncomfortable to sit on my studio chair for long periods of time if you know what I mean...
Till then I hope everyone in getting in the Christmas spirit & I want to thank everyone for all the kind comments you left on my previous post....much appreciated!!!
Cheers, Susan

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