Saturday, March 28, 2009

To Cut...or Not to Cut ~ That is the Question

Well...I have a cut...or not to cut into the books I have been collecting for years. All of which are quite old... old meaning that they are well over a hundred years in age. I love antique books, I love looking at them. the feel of them...even the smell of them. Buttttt...I also bought them to use in my art work. I have been looking at my small blank canvases, my altered art supplies, glues, stamps, inks, two sided tape, antique postcards, old photos, British vintage magazines from the 40's & 50's, antique sheet music, McCalls, Home Journal you name it...I have it....all waiting to be butchered by my ever shaky hand which holds my gleaming scissors.....Aggggggg...I can't do it!!! I swear...I need to go to a self help group for paper junkies...Should I do it...or should I not...I have so many projects & techniques I want to try many supplies sitting there with smirks on their wee plastic faces....calling...callling.."USE ME...USE MEEE". WHAT WOULD YOU DO? IF YOU WERE ME? I need help...trully I do!!!
Below are a few photos of my old books

Some of My Old Beloved Books

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Finally Finished My Rug

Thank-you all for your wonderful comments about my rug...
your making me blush...
Well....I finally finished this rug & have been meaning to take photos of it for some time now. It is a pattern designed by one of my favorite primitive artists...Lori Brechlin of "Notforgotten Farm"
The pattern is called " Give Ye Thanks" & I purchased it at "Spruce Ridge Studio" . Its a biggy at 27.5" x 36" inches...& it took me a year to finish as I only worked at it sporadically. Every strip of wool is handcut so the rug has a really great texture & feel to it...something you just can't get with machine cut wool strips. The photo doesn't show the colors very's a really warm cozy rug full of fall color...with touches of blue & green & I just love it!!! Lori has a wonderful talent for designing patterns....she trully has a primitve heart...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fool's Gold Mouse listed on Ebay

"Fool's Gold" has been adopted
Hello, just thought I would let you know that my "Fool's Gold" mouse above was listed on Ebay as a five day auction. The auction will end on Sunday March 22 at 7:30 PST. You can click on my Ebay link on this blog to take you to my auction.
Cheerio, Susan

Monday, March 16, 2009

OK ...I am seriously getting sick of this Canadian winter business!!! Where the *$@#&*^$% is spring!!!! This has truly been one of Saskatchewan's longest coldest winters in years... Yesterday spring gave us a tease with melting and warmer today I can hardly see the houses down the block because of all the blowing snow!! I am getting depressed...its a good thing my hubby & I are off to Tuscon Arizona for 10 days...ahhhh sit by the pool...soak up some rays...can`t wait to get down there.
As for me artwork...its been a little dry in the creativity department due to my feeling under the weather...I am hoping to get cracking on some new some ideas I want to try out...well that's about it for this post...not very exciting I am head is full of I will end here!
Cheerio, warmly, Susan Pilotto

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Forgot to can come back here tomorrow night & click on the auction button to your right to view my new Ebay listings starting tomorrow night.

My new Ebay Listings

Tattered & Torn Bunny Pin~Keep
Man....I haven't listed anything on Ebay for some time...over a year I think. I also forgot how much work it can be...I am so rusty...& so fussy...everything has to look just right or it gets redone. And now that I have a blog....& a mailing can take hours to list a couple of things, notify people, etc, etc... But...I also remember how exciting it can be to, its nice to be back in the saddle...back at work & busy in my studio. I am listing two pieces...the bunny pin keep above & the wee mouse pictured below...the auction starts tomorrow night & will last for seven days. Well thats about it for this posting...I am pooped, its getting late in the day & I still have to clean house before my parents get here tomorrow...its a complete disaster area.
Have a nice evening.
Warmly, Susan Pilotto
Adopted - going to new home

One of two new creations that will be listed on EBay Sunday March 8th at 8:00 pm.

Friday, March 6, 2009

To Do
~finish mouse & rabbit for Ebay listing starting this Sunday
~phone sears to get glasses fixed...good thing I bought two pairs
~clean & pops visiting for a couple of days ~ Sunday
~go to Periwinkles to sign up for another class, as I missed the last one...see if they will apply payment for missed class to a new class
~take clothes you don't wear anymore to Sally Anne...try to walk out of Sally Anne without buying more stuff...not likely
~clean fridge out...looking pretty scarey in there
~fill car up...make appointment for servicing
~email hubby...miss him alot! wonder how he is doing in Africa...wonder what the mining camp is like that he is staying in...wonder if they have seen any wildlife...wonder if they have seen any lions...wonder if Dino is sleepng well there...when he knows there are lions about...wonder if he is keeping his bear spray beside his bed...wondering if he has had to use his bear spray...wondering why they don't call it lion spray...wondering & thinking he better get home soon...cause all this wondering is making me tired...
~wondering that I better get of this puter & get to work!!!
Chow, Susan

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Barbara's Wee Mouse Commission

I haven't posted for a while now...been busy working on a few of which is pictured above...she wanted a cream & black spotted mouse...quite happy with how it turned out...I think I am starting to eat, dream & hullucinate mice...God knows how many of these wee things I have made...I stopped counting a long time ago. Also did a couple of commissions for the same critter that is on my banner...the one sitting on the blue box with the pin in his paws...definately a crowd favorite...I have really enjoyed the feedback & comments I've been receiving...makes everything worthwhile & gives me a reason to get up in the morning...
Warmly, Susan

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