Monday, March 16, 2009

OK ...I am seriously getting sick of this Canadian winter business!!! Where the *$@#&*^$% is spring!!!! This has truly been one of Saskatchewan's longest coldest winters in years... Yesterday spring gave us a tease with melting and warmer today I can hardly see the houses down the block because of all the blowing snow!! I am getting depressed...its a good thing my hubby & I are off to Tuscon Arizona for 10 days...ahhhh sit by the pool...soak up some rays...can`t wait to get down there.
As for me artwork...its been a little dry in the creativity department due to my feeling under the weather...I am hoping to get cracking on some new some ideas I want to try out...well that's about it for this post...not very exciting I am head is full of I will end here!
Cheerio, warmly, Susan Pilotto

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