Friday, March 6, 2009

To Do
~finish mouse & rabbit for Ebay listing starting this Sunday
~phone sears to get glasses fixed...good thing I bought two pairs
~clean & pops visiting for a couple of days ~ Sunday
~go to Periwinkles to sign up for another class, as I missed the last one...see if they will apply payment for missed class to a new class
~take clothes you don't wear anymore to Sally Anne...try to walk out of Sally Anne without buying more stuff...not likely
~clean fridge out...looking pretty scarey in there
~fill car up...make appointment for servicing
~email hubby...miss him alot! wonder how he is doing in Africa...wonder what the mining camp is like that he is staying in...wonder if they have seen any wildlife...wonder if they have seen any lions...wonder if Dino is sleepng well there...when he knows there are lions about...wonder if he is keeping his bear spray beside his bed...wondering if he has had to use his bear spray...wondering why they don't call it lion spray...wondering & thinking he better get home soon...cause all this wondering is making me tired...
~wondering that I better get of this puter & get to work!!!
Chow, Susan

1 comment:

village folk art said...

Hi Susan,
A BIG Welcome to TDIPT...& not to forget to mention I positively love your wee pinkeeps.

Warm regards,

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