Wednesday, January 27, 2010

La Petite Lapin

No I haven't jumped off the face of the Earth..I am here...barely...but I am just about ready to pull my hair out...I believe my problem is that I have WAY TO MANY projects on the go...WAY TO MANY things I want to try!!! & WAY WAY WAYYYY not enough time to do them, learn them...perfect them...Yay Yay...I know it is my own fault & you have heard it all before...ya I know you are all in the same boat...a very full boat probably...ready for capsizing...full of creative folks jammed bow to stern with creative ideas bursting out of their heads...crying, "Save me from my creative self." O Ma Gawd! Hurry throw me a bouy, I think I mean life jacket...mayhaps a boy would be better...but my husband wouldn't approve...

La Petite Lapin

Tiny Cross Stitch on Primitive Linen

My Febuary 1st TDIPT Mercantile offering

A tattered & torn wee rabbit for your sewing room

 Available for purchase Febuary 1st on the TDIPT Mercantile website. A hand-painted wool felt rabbit with glass bead eyes, chenille stem feet, needle felted sheep's wool tail. Last but not least..I have given him a tea stained ribbon to adorn his little neck. The cushions he is perched on are made of aged & stained primitive linen & quilter's cotton. "La Petite Lapin" is cross stitched on the top cushion in teeny tiny letters...a couple of raggedy patches, an antique metal button & black stitching can also be seen around the edges & on the bottom of the cushion. This piece measures 6.5 inches at its widest point & stands 5" inches tall from the top of the rabbit's ears to the bottom cushion. It is a wonderfully old looking piece with charm & character a plenty & would look great sitting in amongst your antique collectibles. Please email me if you should have further questions as I would love to hear from you!
$115.00 US plus $12.00 US for shipping with insurance. 
Have a sunshiny Day!!! Warmly, Susan


Nancy said...

Hi Susan...
Oh, I so agree with you! Too many ideas, too little time!! Hang in there...creativity is such a gift and we are fortunate to be able to spread our gift around the world.

Love this latest sweet! A charming addition to any room!

Hugs, Nancy

Theresa said...

Beautiful as aways Susan!!! :0)

WoolenSails said...

I know that feeling, we want to do it all and not enough time in the day. I love your new piece and the way you aged the cushion, very nice.


The French Bear said...

Can't I just buy him now? I love him, this is the sweetest ever!!!!
Margaret B

softearthart said...

Ha, ha, no I do not think your good man would approve, love your new wabbit. cheers Marie

Julie said...

Hi Susan,
I want that bunny, he is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!!! I can hardly wait!!!

Brenda said...

Hi Susan,
I actually giggled when I read this post - not at you but WITh you. I know exactly what you mean. You are learning to make teddies, and here I sit, surrounded by paint, inks and drawing paper, because I just NEED to draw. I believe it's that desire to do something new that keeps our work exciting and creative and when you figure out how to fit it all in, let me know, will you? ;o) Wish you lived closer - we could get into a lot of trouble together LOL!



Iwan said...

Really creative & nice.

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