Monday, February 2, 2009

Things I have to do today
- mail "Singing the Blues" mouse to his new home
- make tags
- Email Jan about a few changes/additions to my blogs
- Start custom order
- phone about blinds installation
- add more links to Susan's Studio blog
- no time to clean house today...darn...
- clean house on wed... Mom & Pops staying overnight on Thurs.
- tidy up disaster in studio
- organize mailing list with Dino...cause I am a puter dummy...
- send my blog links "La Petite Maison" store in Saskatoon ...{what a cozy place} it was so nice to meet a kindred spirit. Loved her glad I finally popped in there this week-end.
- go to Micheal' beeswax & melting pot...have a few coupons to use up...darn...
-develope post for TDIPT blog on my business name "Crowsnest Pass" - whats in the name. Email Patty about this
- make reservations at the Willow's for Valentine's dinner with Dino...
- Take library books back - photocopy projects & put notes in sketchbook
- Go to Wally world and pay for prescriptions that they didn't charge me for
- finish TDIPT swap goodies for Ragpatch...sometime this week....mail it out next week...
- get busy on SRK commission - Dino had a good idea for this project....make notes

1 comment:

Kathy Hunka said...

Oh My Word! You are one busy chick! Take time to breath!!! LOL

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