Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring Cleaning

House Cleaning Blues
by Ellen Bailey
I have the house cleaning blues
I look around and see so much to do
I look at the walls, the windows, and the floors
I see heaps of dust layered like boards
What I need is a good house cleaning crew
But where to get one, I haven't a clue
I asked for volunteers, but none would relent
Their community spirit, it seems had been spent
I could wish for an occasional hurricane
For me, that may not be such a bad thing
I could raise the windows and open the doors
And be done with these house cleaning chores
But hurricanes don't occur where I live
So its left up to me to clean this crib
I have devised a plan to get the job done
Since I can no longer depend on anyone
My plan is as simple as it can be
One that is not very taxing on me
My walking shoes I will lace up tight
And from this nightmare I will take flight

Spent all of yesterday spring cleaning...definately have spring nice to feel that sun see the snow melt...can't wait to smell the sap rising in all the trees...I love that smell...of young green leaves opening...Cottonwood trees have that unbelievable scent when they open their sticky buds...Ok... I must be day dreaming here...I was talking about spring cleaning & ended up babbling about make a long story short.
& so does a clean house!
Have a sunshiny day!
Be Happy

1 comment:

The French Bear said...

Yes, the dreaded housework blues....a tune I am very familiar with...always when I am in the mood to create, too!!
Have a fun weekend!
Margaret B

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