Friday, September 18, 2009

New & Views & Our Trip to Jasper

Maligne Canyon above
It has been a very busy week for me since Dino & I arrived home from our trip to Jasper. It turned out to be the break we both needed; the weather cooperated & most of our days were filled with blue skies and sunshine. Needless to say we didn't want to come home & we kept asking ourselves, why did we ever move away from the mountains...when could we move back....& why, oh why, did we move to the prairies since we are both mountain people at heart? I guess you do things in life to get ahead & moving out of the mountains to the prairies was one of them.
Below is a photo of the Jasper town-site from the top of Whistler Mountain. You can take the tram up to the top & then hike to the summit...B E A U T I F U L...

We packed a lot into our little holiday...filling our time by hiking Maligne Canyon, taking in the hot springs & visiting the numerous waterfalls that are located through out this park. To be honest though it was the smell of the air in this wild place that will be my most treasured memory. You see, there was a freak windstorm a few days before we arrived and there were literally thousands of downed trees all over...which is sad, but Jasper has millions of trees so you didn't really notice them. But the smell of the air from all those broken trees was intoxicating...imagine the scent of your Christmas tree times a hundred combined with Sweet Birch and Juniper Berries & you will know what I am talking about. If only I could bottle that scent & bring it home....D E L E C T I B L E...

Every day we had a cozy fire while we sipped our morning coffee or had a of glass wine after a long day of hiking...pooped out & tired we hit our pillows each night with heavy heads and contented sighs...Z Z Z Z...
From the summit of Mount Whistler you can view alpine valleys & cloud shrouded peaks.

With our little holiday behind us I have been busy doing the write ups that will accompany the pieces I created for Stampington magazine for their publishing consideration. Now I have to sit back & wait...with positive thoughts & hopes that they will be well received. With shaky hands & heart pounding I sent my wee creations to California.
Home for a bit...& packing up again...going to attend my first Traditional Rug Hooking Camp which is taking place at the Abbey in Muenster, Saskatchewan...will take lots of photos to share with you later.
Last but not least, I am hoping to have a couple of new pieces for the TDIPT October 1st update but am not sure I will have enough time to complete them. I will post photos of them here should I get them done.

Till then, have a mice day!!!

Beautiful Blue Juniper Berries


Unknown said...

I'm drunk on Mountains just from reading about your grand adventure! How wonderful to experience such beauty and peace. Thank you for sharing!

p.s. Stampington is gonna LOVE your art so no Worries OK?

Brenda said...

Wow, spectacular scenery, Susan!! We have juniper trees in our yard and the cedar waxwing love the berries.:)



WoolenSails said...

That trip looks like heaven, love the mountains.


Theresa said...

The pictures you took are amazingly beautiful. It makes me want to visit these lovely mountains and to smell that fresh green air. :)

Nancy said...

Hi Susan! Thank-you so much for following along...You have a beautiful blog. I just love your mice. So creative!!

I just love Jasper...I will be teaching there in November!

Have a great day!
Hugs, Nancy

Diane said...

I just came over from The French Bear to check out your blog. I love it. Your mice and tiny rabbits are just adorable. It makes my fingers itch to try something like that but I know it takes a long time to get where you are and I'm impatient and I have too many irons in the fire. Neverthless, I'm going to list you on my favorites and watch your blog. Thank you for the beauty and joy.

VintageThreads said...

Gorgeous photos! Spectacular piece of earth!

Good luck to you on your entry's to Stampington! As one who has been published in one of their magazines, I can tell you that it is one of the most exciting events in my career! I can't be certain in your case, but for me, my handbags were in their possession for over a year before they showed up in the magazine, and I only found out that they were published when I received a copy of the magazine!!! They are still holding two of my entry's for a future publication as well. So I haven't seen them for over 2 years! Just be forewarned! I've heard of this same procedure from someone else, too. Nonetheless, it's a great honor, and I hope it is bestowed upon you! Love your creations! Alisa

Bumpkin Hill said...

your photos brought back very happy memories of our trip to Canada a few years back. We loved Maligne Canyon too and the scent really is wonderful :) I am sure that Stampington will not be able to resist your work. Hugs, Catherine x

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