Sunday, April 4, 2010

"A House I Once Knew"

"There are mars on the doors and walls
Its rooms are empty and wide. 
Here and there is a broken pane
Where the night wind creeps inside. 
The front porch has fallen to ruin
With vines in possession there. 
 A shed is tumbled and strewn
And rubbish is everywhere. 
Somehow it softens in moonlight
And my fancy wanders free. 
That old house is more than a house
It once was home to me.
I can see a place by the window
Where firelight once played inside. 
 I can picture the porch as it used to be
And grounds so clean and wide. 
 Doors with well-oiled hinges
Let in our willing feet. 
 With everything in place as it should
And everything trim and neat.
I see it in mellowed reflection
Until years have changed it to be 
 A house with a memory; it’s more than a house
It once was home to me.
I’d give so much to live again
In that house when it was young. 
Then it knew our laughter and tears,
With its memory only begun. 
I was unwise to have left it, I know
All I got for my pains 
  Was a heap of things I thought worthwhile
And desire to be back again.
  It might be made home again, who knows? 

 I watch the moonlight slant through a tree,
And know that old house was more than a house. 
It once was home to me."
Poem By Leo VanMeer 
1907 - 2006
Took a road trip Friday...traveling up & down dusty highways...stopping here & there...lunch in a greasy spoon...old turquoise counters worn smooth with in greasy caps...talking weather & gossip...gopher shoot notice on the bulletin board outside...more driving & finally a stop to take in the look at an old old soldier...of life gone by...Swallow's nests in the rafters...Coyote den in the cellar...a house full of character...memories float like dust in the air...Saskatchewan...her past is evident along her highways...abandoned & fallen... old homesteads return to the earth...

Warm Easter Wishes to You & Yours


The French Bear said...

Susan, that is a lovely post....I often wonder about the old farms I see when driving along the highway.....I wonder who lived there and where are they now?
Margaret B

WoolenSails said...

Wonderful photos and poem, really enjoyed it.
Blessings to you and your family, this easter.


softearthart said...

OH I do so like that poem, and your pictures are just wonderful, cheers Marie

Michelle Palmer said...

Such a beautiful post~
GORGEOUS photographs!
Hope your day is wonderful~

/sewprimitive said...

Just a lovely post, Susan, and such beautiful photographs! Thanks for sharing them.


Anonymous said...

My heart is breaking....those houses with so many stories....Someone once loved them. I am reminded of my Dad's wheat ranch, a homestead in Eastern Washington....The buildings that were once home to him....long gone....He is 90 years old...I long for my childhood house...You have done a wonderful job matching text with photos....I am such a heart felt way....Thanks for all the time you must have spent to share your experience with others.


Tallowberry Primitives and FolkArt said...

Susan, thank you for sharing the poem and photos. It makes me sad to see old homes and barns that are rundown and gradually settling to the ground. What stories they could tell us!

Hope you had a lovely Easter Sunday.

Unknown said...

Susan, I have so enjoyed your pictures and the poem was great. Thanks so much for sharing.~~Pam

vintagepaletteart said...

Susan.....that was beautiful! :)

Hugs, Lori

Dogpatch Primitives said...

What a wonderful post on an extraordinary road trip Suzie! I sure enjoyed the pics, and the poem. You've really got a knack for photography!

thank you for sharing with us.

April said...

What a lovely and quiet journey...I felt like I was there... actually experiencing every touch and sight for myself. I enjoyed the memories...thank-you.

Anonymous said...

I have done the very same thing and thought the same thoughts. I just love the old homes and the stories they could tell. I love the poems and would love to know where you found them!!!!

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