Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter...& Happy Birthday to me!

Easter Greetings to you...hoping your holiday week-end is filled with family, friends and festivities.
A Happy 45th Birthday to me...I have been thinking back on how fast this year has gone busy and how full life has been. Thinking on the good and the bad, the transitions that took place, the lessons I've learned. What I have gained and what has been taken away. How I want to see positive change, how I want my home to stay my home for more then a few years, no more moving...time to set down some roots...grow some relationships...stabilize my life...restore my spirit and health.
Reflecting, remembering, and pondering what the year ahead will hold.



Julia said...

Happy Easter Susan, I hope that your efforts to get a more balanced life will come true for you this year.

Blessings, JB

Carol Stuck said...

Happy Easter and Happy Birthday.

A special birthday wish to you....that your life will be everthing you had hoped for and MORE.


Catherine said...

Happy Easter to you and a very Happy Birthday! May the year ahead hold all you wish for!

WoolenSails said...

Happy Easter and Happy Birthday!
I have been working on centering myself and finding a happy medium, I think as we get older, our priorities change and we realize what is important in life.


Patty ♣ said...

Happy Easter and Happy Birthday to you! I hope that all the positive thoughts you have mentioned can become, for you, reality! Blessings !

marly said...

Happy birthday young lady. If you think the year has gone quickly, wait till you're 60!

Kays Kids said...

Happy Birthday, What a year shifting is not easy. I hope the future is all that you hoped for.
Happy Easter

Melissa said...

Happy Easter and a very Happy Birthday to you, Susan! I knew we had something in common - my birthday is 2 days away, on the 10th!

I hope you are enjoying some gardening though the season is late this year! Remember the next time you're visiting Vancouver, please let's try to meet up for coffee or lunch or something!

Hey, isn't the best present the sunshine this weekend! Awesome!

Mary Ann Tate said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Easter too:)

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

Happy Birthday Susan.
From one Susan to another I hope your wishes come true.
45 you say, just a young lass still...wait till you're well over the hump at 50!
Susan x

The French Bear said...

Happy Belated Birthday wishes!!! Sorry to have missed are things coming along in the new home? I hope you had the best birthday...spring chicken!!!

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