Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sunday's Small Sale

Happy Wednesday everyone...I decided to take jasper to visit his friends at doggy daycare so mommy could have some uninterrupted studio time...I have been busy stitching away and managed to finish this little fellow...
He is a wee of the tiniest pin~keeps I have created. I love the way he looks so shy and he's afraid to show himself to this big old world.
The Pin~Keep he is perched on has little Forget Me Not Flowers cross stitched onto it...a perfect spring gift to give to yourself or that special someone...something to chase away those dreary end of winter days...
I am still working on a bigger set to offer you and hope to have it completed the meantime this sweet little mouse will be looking for a new home this Sunday March 17th at 2pm Pacific time.

Dreaming of Spring...Susan

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