Sunday, October 20, 2013

Etsy Sale Success!

You all played a part in making my first ever Etsy sale a wonderful success. All four pieces found a home in record time...I even had my first international sale as the Bittersweet Bunny and Needle-Book are going to Australia.
I was a Nervous Nelly all day fretting about how this sale would turn out. I must have went in and tweaked my listings a dozen times. Also on my mind was how to price everything as I know how long it took to create them...especially the ones with the all the cross stitched details.

 I truly believe that if I don't value my own work...then others won't value it either. So I priced my pieces accordingly and again my worries were unfounded, and the sale ended successfully.
I feel blessed in so many ways!

As a side note I will be working on a new group that will be all about Winter and Christmas...let the cold winds blow!
Hugs Susan

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