Friday, September 19, 2014

My Amherst Floral Rug

  The original Pennsylvania "Amhearst Floral" hooked rug by John Filker adaptation above (39.5inches by 28inches on Linen)
   I started this rug last summer and I finally completed it this August. It was a real challenge in regards to color planning and I tried my best to stay as close to the original as I possible. I love reproducing antique rugs and this is one of my all time favorites!
 Numerous times I yanked out portions and redid them till they felt can see in the above photo of the rug that it is different from the photo of my completed rug...little Jasper did his part in inspecting my work to.
One thing I decided early on was to stretch this rug onto a wooden stretcher frame...a frame like you would put a canvas painting on. I found this pattern so abstract and artsy that it deserved to be treated in a different way. Displaying it like a painting seems to elevate it to a higher level.
I had the wooden stretcher custom made (5mm bigger then the edge of the finished rug to account for stretch of the linen), you also need to order canvas pliers which you use to stretch and pull the edges of the rug over the edge of the wooden bars so you can then staple(staple gun) the fabric to the wooden bar. I also made sure that I laid down acid free Matt Board between the stretcher bars and the rug as the wood will eventually eat away the rug if you don't use a protective layer between them. All in all I am very pleased with how it turned out and I may get the hubby to make me a frame for it one day...although I think it looks nice without one.
If you would like to order this pattern you can go to Black Sheep Wool Designs she has a large selection of antique rug patterns to choose from. 
P.S. I am off for a little holiday with the husband...we are Montreal bound and while I am there I want to go to their textile museum and maybe haunt a few antique!

Thanks for popping by my friends
Hugs Susan


Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

The rug is absolutely gorgeous.
I also admire your assistant.
So you're heading east to Montreal. Enjoy!

WoolenSails said...

The rug came out beautifully and love how it looks in the room. I also like how you used the stretcher frame, I really need to try that, much nicer way to hang it without it warping.


Julie said...

Stunning! I wouldn't frame it - it looks fabulous as it is. You did a fantastic job of interpreting the original!

liniecat said...

Its just wonderful and looks superb mounted as it is!
A frame might change its balance and proportions and detract from the patterns and colours I think.
have a great holiday : )

Unknown said...

Your rug is just splendid and thanks so much for sharing. Have fun on your holiday! Rae

marly said...

Magnificent reproduction. Congrats on the finish. It looks perfect in that spot and shows off the colors and texture.

Cathy said...

The rug is gorgeous! I love the bright colors, especially the reds. Hope you have a great holiday!

Kays Kids said...

Susan your rug looks magnificent
hanging in your home. Well done it was worth all the time you spent.

Melissa said...

Susan, the rug is just stunning! You are tempting me to try another craft! Your home looks lovely and cozy and it's nice to see Jasper again.

NMK said...

Your rug looks beautiful ! Love the colors & the way you mounted it ....beautiful !!!

Carol Roll said...

So Beautiful and it looks wonderful on your wall.
Jasper is so adorable!

jerilanders said...

Oh I love it! I think I like yours more than the original. I've never done any rug hooking but it's been tempting me for some time. First I better finish of the half dozen punch needle kits I've been hoarding. So good to see you back again!

Dogwood Farm said...

Your rug is so beautiful and looks perfect hanging in your room!
Jasper is precious!!

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