Monday, October 13, 2014

Sold Out...Thank-You!

It was fun and it was fast...holy moly you folks amaze me with your continuing support of my artwork. 
We are celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving today...and I am counting my blessings as we speak!
Thank-You, Thank-you to all who purchased a piece and my apologies to those who came but were not successful.

Next sale to take place in early December...HO HO HO...back to work I go!

Hugs Susan


Carlin said...

Congrats, Susan!! I am not surprised at your wild success with these little darlings! Continued overwhelming success for your December sales ... Christmas will be so much merrier with one of your little ones under the tree!!

Andrea said...

Alarm set for 3:45 pm. I have Etsy loaded and ready. 3:59 door bell rings . 4:20 free myself from guests and run back to computer:sold out :(

Determined not to repeat unfortunate events for Christmas sale!!

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