Friday, November 21, 2014

Winter Sale Reminder

Just a little Winter Sale reminder for you. The following pieces will be available for adoption this Sunday in my Etsy store. Please email me with any questions.
Above is a teeny tiny mouse surrounded by woolly poinsettia leaves and cranberry's...sitting on a hand-stitched pincushion inserted into an old zinc canning jar lid.
Below is a black spotted Mr. Jingles Mouse on a hand-stitched pincushion.
 A sweet Mouse with red woolly scarf on a hand-stitched pincushion dusted with snowy glass glitter.
Winter Blues Mouse on a star shaped pincushion with white headed applique pins stuck into the sides...ready to use for your next applique project.
Another Winter Blues Mouse on a flower petal shaped pincushion with white headed applique pins stuck into the sides...ready to use for your next applique project.
I am feeling good and am already thinking ahead to the new year...plans and dreams to design new characters...ARE YA TIRED OF SEEING MY MICE? I really want to try my hand at some other critters like squirrels and such.
Till then...I will be taking a wee break to visit with father will be here for the first time in over 3 years (so excited) so I am busy fluffing my nest and such. Mom I love you so much and wish you could be here to but I know circumstances and health don't allow this...I love you MOM - XOXO! I will come visit you soon!

Enjoy the season :)


Theresa said...

Loving everything Susan!!!

Kays Kids said...

Never ever tired of mice. Although I can understand you wanting to try something different.
Enjoy your family time.
Hugs Kay

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Love 'em all, Susan. I'm looking forward to seeing a squirrel (or two!).
Thanksgiving Blessings,

Lori Ann Corelis said...

Oh Susan, Each is sweeter than the next!
Yes, you must venture into some other woodland friends! Enjoy time with your family this holiday! I too am trying to slow down , enjoy the season and breathe!

Anonymous said...

I love your mice! Hope I get one on SUnday. Would love a squirrel too, or maybe hedgehog or bunny...

Nancy said...

Here it is 5 minutes before the sale and my computer will not let me on etsy. Some kind of security issue.

CJ said...

Darling mice!!!

jerilanders said...

As charming as ever, your Mouselings have a most unique look. I would love to add one to my wool menagerie. I am trying my hand at felting and learning through trial and error, it's fun!

cylki said...

Oh how adorable, I need a mouse for my family, I just found you, please don't stop making them,
Love ,Cyndi Marco

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