Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Forget Me Not

 Look who hopped by my garden...a wee bunny surrounded by Forget Me Not Flowers.
 This little guy is a custom creation for a client of mine. She requested a rabbit perched on a Rusty Donut Cutter Pin Cushion in colors of pale blue, cream and grey.
 I spent a few hours hand stitching tiny Forget Me Not Flowers onto Not Forgotten Farm's aged cross stitch linen. I used Valdani's variegated floss to stitch the flowers and regular floss for the leaves.
If you want to make your own rusty Donut Cutters you can go to your local cooking store to pick up a few...take them home and toss them into a solution of Vinegar, Salt and a little is stinky so place the container outside for a few days. Take the cutters out to air dry and they will continue to rust further. I then sand them them. As a finishing touch I apply clear shoe polish and buff them till they shine. 


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Show and Tell

For the last few years Donna Of Brynwood Needleworks has been putting in requests for me to create a new piece for her. One that would incorporate her love of Oak Trees...Ya see she kinda has an Oak Tree fetish, oak leaf fetish...Acorn fetish...anything Oak she will want, love and covet...did I mention she really likes squirrels...course squirrels and Oaks just kinda go together. Donna and squirrels...both nutty for Oaks.
I told her that I've never made a squirrel...never designed a pattern for one...always wanted to, but never got around to it...I finally took the plunge and did...and it was fun...and I am ever so happy with how he turned out!
See the has Oak branches painted on it...yup...that's Donna's treasured egg cup...she mailed it to me so I could use it as a stand for my very first squirrel. Thank you Donna for trusting me with it! I am thrilled that I finally got to make you a piece that incorporates your love of Oak trees and squirrels. 

Have a nutty kinda day!


Saturday, April 14, 2018

Peter Rabbit Up for Adoption

 I decided to welcome in Spring by creating a Peter Rabbit Pin-Keep.
He has a wee woolly blue coat with teeny tiny Pearl buttons...and little stitched pockets.
He is perched on his rusty Donut Cutter Pin-cushion which I have adorned with a few pins and vintage Milliner flowers.
The bottom of the Donut cutter Pin-Keep features a distressed page from a Beatrix Potter Book...I glittered the edges to add a little touch of magic. 
Peter's adoption fee is Sold $285.00 US which includes shipping and insurance to anywhere is the United States or Canada.

Payment by PayPal only please.

Email me to Purchase Peter

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Thursday, March 8, 2018

Custom Work List

Just a quick note to let you know that I am starting a Custom Work Request List
Serious Inquiries only please
Hope I am not getting myself into trouble with this LOL...but I thought I would give it a shot to see how it goes.
It will be a limited list of 12 per month for a year...after that I will start a new list. 
It already has two people on it so if you are interested please email me with the following
What you would like...mouse, rabbit, squirrel etc.
- size
- color
- season
- pin-keep style

Prices will range between
$185.00 US for the smallest pieces on up to $300.00 US for the larger more complicated pieces that have lots of time consuming hand stitching.
- Do you require a price quote?
- Shipping quote?
I will ship to the following countries
I won't be selling on Etsy that much so make sure you pop in here for a visit now and then to see what I am up to and check out my adoption events.
As an alternative I can add you to my email list so that you will receive my short newsletters regarding any upcoming sales of my work.
Happy Spring

I am looking forward to a year full of creative endeavors...

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Little Mouse Up for adoption

Happy Spring
He has been Adopted Thank you!
One teeny tiny little mouse up for adoption today. He measures 2 1/2 inches tall from the tip of his wee ears to the bottom of his fuzzy feet. I have given him a little red wool scarf to keep him warm on his journey to his new home.
He is perched on a pincushion fashioned from French General fabric...a red wool strawberry hangs off the side. 
Encircling the two pincushions are white headed quilting pins to use in your sewing projects. On the bottom of the cushion are two wool circles and an old shell button.

He is $SOLD which includes shipping to anywhere in the USA or Canada.

This is not a toy and is intended for the adult collector or children above the age of 12.

PayPal only Please.

Email me to purchase this Spring Mouse

Emails will be answered on a first come first served basis.

If you should have any questions please email me anytime.

Have a great day and many thanks for stopping by!

Cheerios, Susan

Saturday, January 27, 2018

I'm Back ; ) Happy New Year!

It's been a long while since I have posted...over a year I think. Lots has happened in this time...we built a new home and I have a new studio which I am just thrilled with.
and I am happy to say that I am back creating my critters. I posted a few photos of older work in this blog post just to refresh your memories...and mine. Always nice to to look on old work to help inspire new work.
  As a side note I will be posting Mouse Droppings updates on my Facebook page(link upper right of screen) are welcome to pop by there to see what I am up to. 
Email me to join my mailing list if you would like to be notified of up and coming sales.
So happy to be back!
Cheerios, Susan

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Blackbird Spring Pin-keep

For the longest time I have coveted those cross stitched pin-keep barrels that I have seen here and there online.So I took the plunge and decided to create one for myself.
I began my search for an old cross stitch pattern and came up with this one from my an old thrift store book called "Charted Folk Designs from Countries along the Danube" 
by Maria Foris - a Dover Needlework Book. 
The cross stitch linen was ordered from Lori of "NotForgotton Farm" Its her line of farmhouse linen that she ages and stains which saves me from doing it myself. The embroidery floss was dyed by my friend Lorraine who has an Etsy store from which she sell her hand dyed threads.
I have embellished the top edge of this pin-keep with Bullion knots...I think they add a nice decorative touch. I stuffed it with Lavender buds and now it scents the air nicely where ever it is placed. I really enjoyed making this piece and hope to do more in the future...maybe with a a wee critter on top.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Mr. Strawberry

 Meet Mr. Strawberry Mouse.
a sneaky little mouse who left his house...
to raid Miss Tuttle's garden.... 
a strawberry here...a strawberry there...
they disappeared from everywhere...
Miss Tuttle was surely sore and swore and swore that it was the hare...who came in there to eat her precious berries...
So sneaky little mouse who left his house to raid Miss Tuttle's garden...
well he got away to enjoy the day...
and filled his little belly to bursting...
with Miss. Tuttle's berries.

Made Ya Smile

Monday, February 6, 2017


Happy New Year to everyone! 
Just wanted to let you know that I am now on Facebook. I will be posting photos of new pieces and details regarding up and coming sales of my work. 

I have been absent from here for some time due to family matters that needed my attention. On top of that it was a brutal winter health wise...bad bugs got the best of me on numerous occasions
there was lots of good things happening to
So it will be an exciting year...I will be keeping a diary of sorts here on blogger to document our home building adventures.

I am also back to work in my studio...its been some time since the fuzz has flown and I am happy to report that things are progressing well...I will be posting pics of new pieces very soon.


Thursday, November 3, 2016

Up For Adoption this Sunday

 I am happy to announce that these three critters will be looking for new homes.
All three of them will be put up for adoption in my Etsy shop this coming Sunday, November 6th at 3:30pm Pacific time.
If you should have any questions please feel free to email me anytime.
 I was hoping to have more pieces ready for you but life has been very busy and stitching time has been limited.
 I am working on some Winter themed pieces and I hope to have those completed by early December.

Cheerios, Susan

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Art Crawl 2016

This past weekend the Sunshine Coast where I live put on it's annual Art is a wonderful event where you can tour up and down our coast and visit over a 140 local artist's studios, group shows and galleries. There's a funny saying around these parts that there must be something in the water here that makes people highly we have one of the highest populations of artists and crafts people in Canada. 
It was also a milestone weekend for me as this weekend was the first time ever that I have shown my Mouse Droppings art in a public place...and I have been creating my little characters for almost 14 years(has it been that long...WOW). 
My art probably would have stayed out of public view had it not been for Lynn(thanks Lynn), our local rug hooking teacher who kicked my butt and told me to get my *#%$@*! out there and show my stuff!

A lot of folks got pretty emotional while looking at my critters and hooked rugs...they sparked a lot of conversations about the past, even a few teary eyes as they remembered the good old days...but best of all as I huddled behind my rug hooking frame I could watch folks turn the corner and see my work for the first time...they stood there and their faces lite up with these huge grins...they would walk a little closer and soak in the details...picking them up,turning them around. It really made my heart swell and it really brought home that this is why I've been making these things for so long...simply...they make people happy!  
I do have to mention that I didn't have anything available for purchase...I decided to have a show and tell instead and I admit that I did this because I was really nervous of how folks would react to my work up here. I'm a hermit, and coming out the creative closet into a public space was a B I G deal for me, limiting my exposure by having less to see was my way of coping with a situation that made me feel uncomfortable.

Well I am pretty damn good at working myself into a nervous tizzy and I obviously completely misjudged folks and by the end of the week-end I was glowing and proud!   

and then I realized know don't need people's are already a good and worthy strong, be proud, have faith in yourself and your abilities and good things will happen.
Thank you to everyone who came out to see me this week-end...and thanks everyone for your patience with this very L O N G post.

"Sometimes its the small things that take up the most room in your heart."
Winnie the Pooh

Cheerios, Susan

PS...sorry for the low quality cell phone photos
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