Saturday, August 22, 2009

Antique Canadian Painted Pine Dresser...I Couldn't Resist

Noooo, I haven't been ignoring you...been very busy of late with more then a few projects on the go. First I have to tell you about this wonderful antique dresser that I purchased...I can't believe I found one of these in Saskatoon as it is not often that you find painted pine furniture in these parts. I kept going back to the antique store where it sat all dusty & forlorn...couldn't believe it was still there after my third visit.
Well that third visit did it to me...I contacted hubby saying, "But we need the extra storage honey...really we do....we live in an apartment....there's not enough places to put things". Well, soon after the phone call I had it paid for & had made arrangements for it to be delivered to our home. Did I mention that the store just happened to have a 40% off sale that week....ohhhh I am a lucky ducky!!!

And as as it so often happens when you bring a piece of furniture have to find a spot for it...a spot that is just perfect. Well I decided to put it in our master bedroom...but of course...I sat would look ever so much better in our bedroom if the walls were a darker color. Soooo, guess what I am doing this week-end...its not like I don't already have enough to do. I AM PAINTING THE DERN BEDROOM CHOCOLATE BROWN...I have one coat on & have a 2nd coat to paint today. I have to say that it is looking great & the dresser will look stunning against this color. But now I to have move this & have to move that, put that do-dad here & move that do- dad there...trying to make everything look just so...knowing me this will be a month long project before everything is just the way I want it. Why O why do I do this to myself...oh well....I am sure it will all be worth it in the end.

As for the rest of my life as of late...I have been working up a storm in my studio trying to fulfill one of my life's goals...& that is to have some of my critter pin-keeps published in an art magazine. I have three pieces so far that I am satisfied with, I want to make a few more & then choose the best of these to send to the magazine. Wish me luck...
I have also been busy creating for the TDIPT Mercantile website update which will take place September 1st. I will be posting photos of them on my blog in the next little while.
Wishing you all a happy happy week-end!


WoolenSails said...

Great old piece and practical too. Would like something like that in my bedroom. I have oversized old pine stuff and hate it. Don't you just love it when you wait and the piece is still there and on sale;)


The French Bear said...

Susan, you have been a busy bee!!! I love the dresser!! My living room is chocolate brown and I love it, sometimes I think I should paint it and then I look at it and love it even more!! Good luck with your publishing, that's awesome!!! Congratulations!!!
Margaret B

PEA said...

love it, would have snatched it up to yes hard to find.
can't wait to see the new goodies.

Lenae May said...

I sooo understand how you couldn't resist! It's delightful! I'm a furniture fan...which means I buy to much of it!

Theresa said...

Susan I love your new dresser and I can see why you purchased it. Look at all that lovely storage space you now have. I too have been looking for a lovely dresser for storage. I hope I find one like this. :)


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