Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Intuitive Character Design Continued

Good Morning...been busy with that intuitive doll designing I mentioned in my previous post. I love when synchronicity happens...I have been wanting to make a Badger doll for ages...but I didn't have a pattern for it...well...when I do my Intuitive Doll designing I never know what I am going to end up with...I just fool around with pattern them up...then see what they remind me of. One of the heads that happened to come into existence was exactly what I have been wanting to create...a badger. This wasn't just happened & I love that!!! So I looked up some British Badger pics, ( I love the look of British Badgers...think "Beatrix Potter", "Wind in the Willow's" & "Brambly Hedge") I printed them some great reference photos & was on my way to designing a brand new character doll.

Now I just want to think up a body for him...thinking pot belly with little feet & biggish arms...I just ordered some glass eyes...I made him some little Badger ears & now I need to think up a paint job for him...thinking mixed media painting with an aged look & patina...maybe some black funny fur for the stripes on his face...stitch on the fur...don't hide the stitches want him to look real folksy, hand made...not perfect...couldn't do perfect if I wanted too. He's gotta have an outfit...hobo looking...a little rough around the edges with patches & a few sewn up tears here & there. A little dirt too..badgers are dirty anyways. Will post my progress with the wee guy...he's not so wee though...the head is quite big...can't wait to see how he will turn out.

Made this Rabbit as well...the head is an intuitive process head...designed the body out of mix & match pattern pieces...had a lot of arms & legs...bodies floating around....tried this & that until I came up with what you see below...his character is already coming out even though he isn't painted yet. Going to live with him in his naked state for awhile...ponder the possibilities...that's half the fun when making these critters up.
Until then...go visit your imagination station & have some fun.


PEA said...

Oh looks like you are having fun. Myself as well. Love working this week.
Hope it continues and I am sure they will be wonderful.

WoolenSails said...

Just found your site through mine and love your creations. You have a unique and wonderful way with your characters. I am just starting in needle felting, so learning as I go. I was wondering, how much felt do you use to make the little animals? I got some felt for free and will buy some with coupons when I hit the stores, so wondering how much I need to make things. Would love to do them as gifts this year, if I can get good enough at it.


Theresa said...

Susan the badger is great and another bunny....oh I can't wait to see how they turn out. I already love I'm sure I'm going to love this new rabbit too. :)

permanentcloud said...

i just wanted to say that i adore your work!

Hanni said...

Looks like you are on the right track with the badger, looking cute already! Love your creations. Happy New Year!

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