Saturday, January 14, 2012

TDIPT Update Tonight

My Tdipt lisiting starts tonight
 Adopted by a Sweet French Bear

Sorry to those folks who went to TDIPT at the right time to see my new Snowshoe Hare lisitng but instead saw my old Valentines Heart Lisitng. I had problems with my TDIPT page and so the new lisitng didn't get put on till just a while ago....this little guy is there now if your interested in giving hima forever home. Does this make sense...clear as mud. LOL!
Cheerio, Susan


LissC said...

you pieces are so exquisite. I'm just amazed at what you can do. Just love love love them!

flamingo said...

Hi is soooo cute:)

Anonymous said...

Susan, thank you for visiting my blog and for signing on as a follower. And Prims is one of my favorite magazines! I noticed on your other blog that you're featured. I have the newest issue and will look for you there!

Your "critters" are WONDERFUL!

XO Diane

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