Saturday, February 23, 2013

Happy Saturday

I am feeling chipper today as the sun has decided to show it's face to us folks here on the rainy west coast. I so appreciate these rare clear days...everything is so clean and green...crocuses and primroses are blooming and little yellow daffodils are peeking out from under the leaf litter...I love it!!!
 To change the subject and to show everyone that yes, I am actually creating a few things these days. I admit I have been very busy with renos, and cleaning up after the darn renos, and I haven't had much energy left over for creative pursuits but I am bound and determined to have a blog sale. You will find rabbits, birds and other critters up for pink, blue and maybe even black. I will send out a newsletter as soon as I have a firm date.
Thank you to everyone for your patience!   
 I have also been missing my rug hooking so I ordered a couple of antique reproduction patterns from Black Sheep Wool Designs . The pattern above was created in 1877 by a Mr. John Filker of Amherst Ohio. This particular pattern is a long time favorite of mine as I love the subject matter and the colors just resonate with me... 
I have been hunting down wool fabrics for this 1877 rug for quite awhile and now feel that I have enough to start hooking. I bought some wool coats, skirts and wool bundles...I then spent a few hours stewing and marrying them in a big old pot. I used walnut crystals dissolved in the pot to tone down most the really bright colors.
Little Jasper...always underfoot...always wanting to be the center of attention. Below is the second pattern...another all time favorite of mine that was created around 1870. I am so smitten with these folk art much character.
Maybe I will hook this dog to look like Little Jasper...
You can read about these two patterns in the book "American Hooked and Sewn Rugs" a wonderful resource if you are interested in North American Folk Art Rugs.
Cheerio and have a great day!

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