Saturday, February 16, 2013

Show & Tell

 Jasper wanted me to send out a belated 
Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

Now for Show and tell...
 Its a good day when I score big at the thrift store. I walked in the door and my jaw dropped when I spied this vintage hand colored panorama photograph hanging on the wall. It is a picture of Columbia Glacier in Williams Sound, measures a whopping 30" inches long x 12" tall including the frame. There is some white descriptive writing on it which includes the photographers name, a Mr. H. A. Ives. I absolutely adore old panorama photos they are so hard to come by...I was also taken by the fact that most of our glaciers our melting away now...making this photo even more important. I am going to take it to a local charity event next week-end...our own Antiques Roadshow...wish me luck! Now...where to hang it up?

 Thought I would share a pic of my latest Chalk Painting project...It is the second bathroom cabinet that will go in our larger bathroom upstairs...I am so pleased with how it turned out. I used "Pittsburgh Grey" as the base coat and then over that I painted "Vintage White". I didn't prime this raw cedar cabinet...the Cee Cee Caldwell paint actually performed better without bleed through or anything. I then used a wet sponge to wipe off some of the vintage white...let it dry...then I applied the aging wax and wiped most of that off as well.
Sanding the paint job here and there further distressed it and added even more character.

Our bathroom renos are coming along nicely...this time hubby and I decided to hire a tile setter to lay the tile for our shower and floor (way to complicated for us to tackle)...above is my bathroom inspiration photo ( no that is not our bathroom above...I only wish...our bathroom is not near as grand in scale LOL!) Our bathroom is quite small but we wanted to make it really as in the inspiration photo I choose a mixed tumbled tile floor of white creamy marble and two different colors of travertine. So far so good...
Our floor below.
No these three dudes are not some long lost relatives of mine...I bought this picture for it frame...I will put a mirror in it and hang it our bathroom...I think it will look great with the chalk painted cabinet.
Love the color and details of this frame.

I hope to have small update soon...I will be working as much as I can in my studio...stay tuned.
Think love...birds and bees...Spring!

Have a sunshiny day!


WoolenSails said...

What a find, I went today and didn't see much, most of the shelves were barren, think they just did a clean out.
Love how you did the cabinet and the bathroom is coming along beautifully.


Anonymous said...

My Goodness! You certainly lost no time in applying what you learned in your painting class! Your cabinet looks wonderful and it will certainly be a star in you bathroom reno, especially given the other beautiful materials you've selected! Bey those three dapper dudes will be sorry to be left out!

Melissa said...

Oh gosh, lots of lovely things, Susan! You guys have done a great job with that bathroom! I'm sure your house is turning out great. Love the paint job on the cabinet, and the frame is just awesome.

Looking forward to your update soon!

susan said...

your bath is looking so lovely
i just love those three men. such a fantastic still of them. if you want to toss your gal

Pam said...

Wow! That bathroom is truly the ant's pants Susan! No wonder you want one similar. and that mirror is going to look fantastic! You've done so well after your painting class! :)

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