Saturday, June 29, 2013

A note in reply to my previous post.

It really sickened me as well that they had to kill this cougar...they are amazing creatures...but before you pass judgement on the our local wildlife people you have to be made aware of the whole picture. (((I did more research this morning and found out that this particular cougar was quite young and in poor condition))) We live in a place that is literally teeming with wildlife and we have a huge local deer population that roams around our residential areas...our homes are their homes and because of this we also get a large influx of predators who find these deer easy pickings. So these predators make a habit of coming back to our residential areas even if they have been relocated...they also make a habit of preying on our pets as well...I hear horror stories every other month about pets being taken by eagles, bears, coyotes and cougars. So our wildlife people felt that this cougar was habituated to people and was a real and dangerous was making its home in our residential area so rather then wait till it attacked a human they thought it best to euthanize it.
As for our bear encounter...I grew up around bears and am very bear aware and I never take chances around them...I know what to do when I see one and how to behave...I know where to draw the line and so does my brother...we made sure that we played it safe and we withdrew from our encounter in good time leaving the momma bear and her cub feeling comfortable in regards to our presence.
Bear Hugs, Susan

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