Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bad Bear

It was a dark and scary night...OK that's a little corny...but it was dark...and I was scared cause I had just let Jasper out for a pee when I heard some branches cracking in the far corner of the heart started pounding and I dashed outside and grabbed Jasper and high tailed it back to the house...don't know what it was but it sounded big. 

Fast forward to the next night...Dino lets Jasper out for a pee...Dino hears big crashing noises and then he sees little Jasper run to the noise while madly barking like he's some sort of hound from Hell...Our little jasper scares it away(((Holy Crap!)))
Fast forward...its morning...better go outside and check for bear poo cause bear poo is one of Jasper's favorite treats((sick)))...he also likes to wear bear poo...he thinks it smells nice(((not))).
I finish looking for bear poo...find none(((thankful)))
What I do discover is that this bear has eaten everything in our compost pile(((gross))) and he has destroyed our fence gate
(((thanks so much))).

Happy Fall!
Hugs Susan

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