Monday, September 2, 2013

A Nancy Poo Mystery

It was a beautiful afternoon so I decided to take little Jasper to the beach. For a change I kept him off his leash and let him lead the way...he lead us to some seaweed, to a small pile of old salmon bones, across a creek and up onto a sandbar.
I picked a wonderful old log to sit on and I watched Jasper do what dogs do best...smell things, dig up things and chew things...its the chewing of things that always seem to get Jasper in trouble...
   Ahhh...what a lovely dog, the sun, a nice breeze...then Little Jasper did a poopy(((Sorry)))a very strange poopy!
I was a small distance away and saw what looked like a bright orange carrot come popping out of you know where...(((sorry again)))
I thought to myself...what the h$#@!^$ is that...
O MA G A W D...its an orange earplug...
I looked at Jasper and he looked up at me(((What MOM???)))...I grabbed him, hugged him and thanked the stars that he was OK...then I laughed and laughed because I couldn't believe my came out of him in perfect form...I could have cleaned it off and put it my ear(((sorry))
 I have taken them out of his mouth before and I try to make sure that they are stored away in a safe place...but somehow I knew it was bound to happen...that he would get a hold of one and eat it...he is completely fascinated by these earplugs...needless to say we are very, very lucky and I am ever so thankful that our Jasper will be able to spend more blissful days playing on the beach.

This is the end of my Nancy Poo Mystery


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