Monday, August 12, 2013

Black Rose

I am supposed to be in Montreal right now enjoying a mini vacation with my husband. Not to be...Little Jasper had other plans and as always, he seems to have impeccable timing...just one month away from his Kennel cough booster shot he somehow managed to get sick with just that...Kennel cough.
Poor wee mite...I have been keeping him inside, wiping his wee nose every few minutes and making him soft food with lots of warm water...that plus a long acting antibiotic shot from the vet. I couldn't believe it...all I managed to pack was my dang underwear...We do love Jasper and we were very much relived that we noticed he was sick (((before))) we left to go on our trip. It would have been terrible for him to be sick and to stay in a kennel plus we would have exposed all those other pets to this illness. Our vet said this is the third case he has seen in the last few days...not good! So beware if you live on our Sunshine Coast...make sure your pets Kennel Cough shots are up to date.

Well...Dino is in Montreal attending his conference and I am in my studio working...I actually managed to get something made. I have been trying to complete a fall version of my "Rabbit in the Rose Garden" which I designed last year...picture below. I loved how it turned out and I just didn't have the heart to sell it. So this year I was determined to create ths same piece in fall colors...I just love the variations in this three strand Valdani floss...sepia, indigo and midnight black.
I hope to have this fall version of "Rabbit in the Rose Garden" finished soon as well as a few other pieces that will be fall themed ...maybe a few Halloween critters to. 
Last year I bought a huge sketch book to use for my patterns and design I can easily go back and look up each piece so that I can recreate them. I print out photos, attach little fabric swatches, cross stitch patterns etc etc...this plus lots of notes. I hope that it will become a real keep-sake which I can turn to years down the line...something to remind me off the things I have created.
And that wonderful husband of mine...look what he sent absolutely beautiful bouquet that smells as heavenly as it looks...he felt so bad that I had to cancel my mini vacation to Montreal with are a real sweetie honey and I loves you!!!

P.S. Jasper is feeling better...miss you!

Hugs Susan

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