Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dog Days of Summer

Howdee strangers...been a good while since I've written a post...thought I had better high tail it in here and compose something before you's all furget about me.
Little Jasper says hello...he's been spending his days hiking and romping on the beach...roasting his wee body on my studio deck...and basically enjoying the dog days of summer.
As for me...I am in good spirits especially since we have finally finished renovating my studio. I moved my favorite chair to a cozy corner and have been spending some blissful hours working on my "Amherst Floral" Hooked Rug as well as completing some cross stitch projects that I have had on the go for months and months. I feel I can finally breath and relax as I slip into my old routine of creating and dreaming up new projects. I have made some preliminary sketches of some pieces that I hope to bring to fruition in the next if all goes well you can expect a blog sale to take place early this fall.
The original "Amhearst Floral" hooked rug by John Filker above...
my rendition below. I am making good progress but still a long way to go...this is one large rug to hook! If you would like to order this pattern you can go to she has a huge selection of beautiful patterns to choose from. Lots of antique reproductions...

Little jasper seems to like the rug...he also wants to eat the rug...hence none of my rugs will be floor rugs LOL!

Yes...I AM cute...and a bit of a poser!


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